Farookh Sheikh – Characters that made us part of the film

Farookh SheikhFarookh Sheikh was our actor next door…. No Dishum Dishums….. No screaming… soft… loving… and an exceptional actor….. His movies are favorites for a whole generation…

Especially when the screen was filled with Angry young men, revenge thirsty heros and disco kings… Farookh came and lived some magnificent moments on the silver screen that each of us were able to connect….

Chashme BadoorNoorie, Chashme Baddoor, Saath Saath and so on are still in the frames of people’s mind… some actors just need a few movies for their names to be called out along with that era of filmmaking… Farookh was such…. because he gave us characters that made us part of the films…

His movies were in Eighties…. and he has not been doing similar movies recently…. but his role of father in Yeh Jawani Yeh Diwani had a feel of his earlier characters… like one of his earlier characters comes back aged back to the silver screen… Also seems one of his latest movie with his favorite pair Deepti Naval was the same way…. I have not seen it… but will for sure…

Farookh…. you live amongst us… even when you leave us…. we will meet people in our life that resembles your characters and we will remember you….

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