The Sincity

Vegas you are still pretty… when I met you first time eleven years ago you dressed up like you were just married… the lights, the glitter, the stars shining on every street of yours….. I asked my friend who had taken me there and he said…. she is always like this… she gives that first night excitement to everyone who comes here… it does not matter how many times you have been coming…. she will find you as attractive as you met her first…. how true… I don’t gamble… but I still keep coming…

When I land in your lap every time I look for the same hotel I stayed first… it is closed and now a new one has been built in its place… Is it the inevitable change that flows in your veins that makes you so inviting every time.. or is it the imaginative magnificence of man that turned a piece of desert into something like you… You might be the sincity to the world where people cry out that morals are displaced and negligent… but for me you are a funcity… if fun is a sin.. then yes may be you are the Sincity… And we will keep coming