Dhoom 3 – A small man filling a big screen

dhoom-3-wall paperDhoom3 is a movie about a small man filling up a big screen…. The third instance of the much awaited Dhoom series follows the storyline, motorcycle chases and the ‘catch the thief’ attire… but the presence of Aamir the small man fills the big screen making everyone else look tiny…..

The only person who was able to carve a small portion was Jackie shroff with his cameo performance…. more than performance it was the relevance of his role in the movie… Even Katrina kaif was somewhat visible and identifiable in the screen…. Jr. Bachchan and uday was lost somewhere in the screen running all around the screen….

I will not drive into the movie but would like to say that my expectations were not met…. there is a problem when you watch movies with high expectations…. There is a lot of effort that has gone into the making of the movie primarily in the action sequences….. except for the highly immature third rate auto-rickshaw fight scene which gives Jr Bachchan his entry…

Dhoom3-Aamir-ClownThiefThe twist that takes on in the movie after interval is presented very well…. Aamir has some great acting moments…. but he has done much better movies and this is not one of his best….. The ending was kind of confusing to me because I was not sure why it ended the way it did… there was so much more possibilities….

Watch the movie to see Aamir and the effort gone into the making… at least next Dhoom should get the Bachchan-Uday duo out if they need to make one… may be they get Mr. Amitabh Bachchan himself in the next…. not a bad idea… they should try it…

Watch the movie… there are stunts, surprises some beautiful moves, high octane chases, slow motion acrobatics and Aamir…

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