There were days in my life….

Days in my LifeI don’t know if it rained on the day I was born
I don’t know if my parents would remember…
maybe rain was not important that day…..
I too don’t remember if it rained
when my kids were born…
I don’t remember if it was a hot day either….
In fact I don’t remember what time they were born….
I don’t know if it is bad to not remember
things that has nothing to do with the relevance
of your day….
I remember the date when they were born…
maybe because I have something to gain
remembering it every year….
the love… the fun…. the excitement…
Yes… I remember the dates
But I don’t remember if it rained
when they were born…
I don’t think it matters…
but I just can’t remember…
I don’t even remember if it was a night or a day….
not sure if that matters…
But what I know is on that day
I was happy… I was excited… I was proud…
like every birthday in their life….
I know one more thing….
I know that dates, times, facts all
have to blur at some point in life
you have to let go of them….
I have to just accept that some days
in my life have been rainy…
some have been warm….. some chilling cold….
no dates and times and events attached
they just were there….
there were days in my life….

Categories: Poetry

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  1. Oru thoovanathumbikal touch?

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