Hi AAP – We have a small problem

problem-freeI know that you have started governing Delhi and at the same time preparing for the elections…. I can also understand that many of the fingers raised at you are by people who don’t like you…. but there is a small problem….

As I write this I understand that the CM of delhi Kejriwal is having a protest against the central government demanding action on police officers who objected to make arrests without a warrant…. And I agree the opposition is trying to gain its mileage on this case… But this is interesting as now the question exists what should a CM be doing…. involve in these protests or other areas of governance…. and this is quite different from what we have ever seen…. I agree what you are  doing is slowly breaking through the barricades of the power structure that existed by definition for decades…. since many don’t know of an alternative to the norm there is such a big hue and cry…. and sometimes things have to be done way different than norm for changes to initiate… I am with you but AAP we have a small problem…

It is true that the whole victory of AAP in Delhi just proved that people were done with congress and also don’t see hope in BJP or other parties…. people needed a change and for that change they were ready to take risks… the situation that made people put all the bets on you, a one year old party is a clear indication that the political parties in power and opposition were far away from the people in many respects…your skeptics say that in the long run you might be a dream that did not work…. and my answer is sometimes a dream is needed to bring us all into reality… being in politics all  life does not really tell what is right….? so we need new people.. new set of eyes to show us how blind the system is….. So kudos to you for entering politics…. But AAP we have a small problem…

People hate corruption…. but we can’t kill the system we live in…. we need to correct it… and here is the main issue…how do you bring both the law machine and righteousness together….. when a officer says that he or she cannot arrest without a warrant it is a correct argument and should be respected, so I am not sure how you can demand action on the officers who said so…. the argument that police shows laxity on many cases where they should act is also a true statement…. And I also agree that the other parties are bend on proving that you were a bad choice by the people and that way bring everything back to as it was before…. I think that effort by the opposition should be fought back… But AAP we have a small problem…

Your modus operandi raises some basic questions on the etiquettes of law and governance like the case of the vigilante operation at the house where the ugandan women stayed… I feel that the AAP high command should have been more sensible…. You cannot and I mean YOU CANNOT barge into someone’s house without a warrant…. It really does not matter if law enforcement agency has ever done it before you or not…. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE…. We cannot ever allow AAP volunteers and individual ministers decide what is right or wrong…. because India is not just AAP workers…. and it is not just AAP that knows what is best for our society…

I agree corruption should be fought and that the fight will tremendously improve the way the society functions…. but our society is not just about fighting corruption…. and AAP is now a governing political party and not a corruption crusader alone…. There are many places in this world where corruption is minimal and in these places law acts differently with parallel enforcements that are much more strict than the actual law enforcement agencies…. but I am not sure how many people would think living there is the best thing to do….. India should be corruption free but keeping intact what we are as a society…. 

Even righteousness can blind you AAP…. So I think we have a small problem here…. hope you address it…

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