Lucky – 2010 South African Film by Avie Luthra

Lucky_PosterA small movie with an important story to tell… 2010 the director Avie Luthra brought us this story of ‘Lucky’ (played by Sihle Dlamini) a 10 year old orphaned boy.. After his mother’s death from Aids he moves from his zulu village to big city so he could attend a school, learn and make a life of his own…

As was instructed by his mother in the event of her death he comes to his uncle’s place… and figures out that things are not as he expected and his uncle has no plan to help him… he is left on his own in the big city with not many options as he expected….. the rest of the movie then follows his connection with an elderly Indian lady played by Jayashree Basavaraj who is living alone in a near by apartment…. and after the initial apprehensions decides to help him…

Apart from the storyline the movie also gives a glimpse of members from the Indian community, their interactions and the apprehensions they keep in their interactions with people outside their community… and the director has been able to show that every apprehension can be overcome when the music that connects humans are played in relationships….

Both Sihle and Jayashree have given the characters the life that the story demanded….

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