Death is always a sad affair – Sunanda Pushkar no more

sunandaDeath is a sad affair… always…. and it is even more sad to see the world both media and other standing on the sides to find an entertainment scoop when it happens to a celebrity…. The news of Sunanda Pushkar’s death came in as a shock to me because I too was part of the crowd who eagerly followed the recent twitter news… but when the whole thing culminates in someone’s demise it makes us sit back and think about many things we care to blow out of proportions….

If we take a step back and view the life of the couple, when such an issue happens it puts a lot of things in perspective…. Tharoor having an affair (if he had one) is a personal matter and here I think the person in question Mehr being a Pakistani journalist added up to the spice for many Indian readers and of course the tweets from Sunanda…. And we still have no idea if this whole twitter thing was orchestrated in anyway, hacked etc……. and the question still exists if anyone can be blamed… and if so who…

Beyond the IPL scandals and beyond the alleged love life of tharoor that the media and opposition has been so excited to debug, this man Shashi Taroor was for a very long time the pride of India in the international circles… be it through his books or his role in the UN….. people make personal choices about their life… and that is their life…

What has happened is not something anyone would have thought of..… with all the differences the opposite sides harbor…. This ending is way too sad….

Being in the limelight and being the target of media frenzy continuously is much to handle for all…. People break… they break down.. There might be truth in the stories of an affair… it could also just be a play of the mind…. or it might all be fabricated…. But the fact is either way the turmoil that it takes on individual lives can sometimes be too tough to handle..

While I know there are many having their differences with Tharoor and his IPL involvement and his politics and are now sitting and sharpening their arrows…. this is the time to be human… as we should all feel bad about what happened and wish that he and his family are able to cope up with this if he had nothing to do with this…

At the same time my heart goes to all those dear and near to Sunanda who are battling with the grief…. It is not easy…. For those who watch and read and wait for more news to surface… take a moment of silence because the important fact is someone has lost their life and that is a very sad news…

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