Arnab interviews Rahul – Baba, I too have a few questions and comments

RahulHere are my silly “low on intelligence” questions and comments… And apologies if my questions are baseless and comments are a bit acerbic….

  1. Baba says he is not scared of losing…. but you can be scared only if you really understand the magnitude of the task ahead….
  2. Baba thinks he can also ask questions when being interviewed by Arnab… but in Arnab’s interviews only Arnab asks questions and if you get a chance to answer then you are lucky…
  3. Baba, when asked about if you acknowledge the congress involvement in the 1984 riots did you hear the question as “Do you like sikhs..?” well that was not the question… but your answer was for that question I believe..
  4. Baba, you agreed that riot is a terrible thing… but since you were not involved in the 1984 riots you can’t say much about it… did I get that right?
  5. Why did Arnab have to tell you that he is asking the question in all its seriousness… did he too think he was taking part in comedy central?
  6. Baba, You asked a fundamental question…. why is it that leaders are chosen by a small number of people….? Very important question… and who chose you by the way…. sorry I have a small memory…
  7. Baba you made a statement… In the congress party anyone who does an act of corruption will be taken and punished…. so by now after so many years post independence, congress must be the most corrupt free party…. Did I get that correct too…?
  8. Baba, when asked about your silence in CWG, 2G, Coalgate and Railgate issues, you made a statement that you were at that time reporting directly to the prime minister and you have raised your thoughts to him…. I guess people now get your reason for silence… we fully acknowledge the reason for your SILENCE… we are with you on this… the whole nation is…
  9. Baba, you said you are fighting an election and you will win it…. I like the optimism and confidence….
  10. Baba… happy to hear that you could learn something from Kerala women…. But is that when you first figured that the prices were high?
  11. Baba, Did you say you supported Aam Aadmi Party because you wanted to give them a chance..?… Is that right…?…. give a chance?…never heard that before in politics… you are a real trend setter here…

Finally Baba… I should really credit you for one answer which I am not sure if you were prepped on before as it looked like a very likely question about the family name….and I really liked your answer… that you alone cannot be blamed for a dynasty as it exists in every party… yes there are many people who enter politics and get tickets to contest because their dad or mom is a politician… because there family is in politics… I don’t think it is fair to just question you on this…

And one final question.. was your sister in that room?… because you seemed to look to one side a few times and even pointed there when referring about her….Well just asking… as we can’t see who else was there… and I believe this was a recorded session aired later… is there a different copy with more fun moments…?

Now after all the fun I had listening to the interview and writing this post…. Let me give a very candid opinion from my end…

You might not be all that bad.. but you have absolutely no specifics about things…. You do not come out as a person people would like to hate….. but you also do not come out as a person people would like to follow… primarily because of the lack of clarity on specifics… may be being in congress and the family name at the end is your biggest burden…. and I am not sure if you can break from either of these….

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