Dislike when people do anything to earn a like

dislikefacebookbuttonSocial Media is revolutionary and Facebook is a great tool, and has brought people together, got us connected with people we never knew and got us in touch with people whom we have forgotten in time…. But what I saw today I wanted to dislike but I did not have an option…

No it is not about Facebook… It is about a picture that I came across today on Facebook… it was shared by a very good friend of mine of course tagging a few of my other friends…. he probably had nothing to do with the picture, he might not even have thought about the issue with that picture…. he probably posted it because the wordings in the picture related to an old college joke we all shared…. I wanted to comment there but I know if I comment all my friends and contacts get to see it… and my intention is that not much people should see it…. so instead of commenting there I am writing this post voicing my dislike….

That being said what was this picture that ticked me off…. It was of a kid ,a toddler probably 1 year or so on a small tree made to hold on to it with both his hands and legs in such a way that the poor thing knows if he leaves he will fall… the kid can be seen crying….. and I assume the photo was taken by someone near and dear to the kid, may be his own parent and probably they were standing next to him and would not let anything happen to him….. But that is not the point…. the kid does not know that… he is scared… he is helpless… he is crying…

This filthy act of the grownups would have put so much of a psychological trauma on the kid… even if it was for the few seconds when the picture was clicked….. the question that kept lingering in me is Why do they do it….? do they feel it is cute…?

I don’t know if anyone would find that picture cute…. I found it cruel and that picture haunts me even now and will not get away from my mind that fast….. that few seconds would have been felt as so long for the kid…. one can only imagine…. think that you are made to hang on to a cliff and you don’t know if anyone is going to help you… even if you are rescued in few minutes…. that few minutes would have been a living hell…

You might remember the 2006 controversy where a photographer published a series of photographs featuring crying toddlers and was widely criticized…. but she stood on her side of argument that no kid was harmed and she being a mother understands it…. but for someone like me who probably does not have the brains to understand this art form only saw a kid crying out in helplessness….

But now on Facebook this photo reminded me of the same and I felt it is cruel…. I don’t know if it is criminal but it sure was painful to see….. I could not stop myself from writing this… not sure if this would help in preventing anyone doing these heartless stunts to gain a few likes and popularity…..

This also made me think that people will do anything to get a few likes….. and I think it is time we start disliking that effort…

Lastly I have a recommendation for Facebook… if they read this post…. a dislike button on pictures is long over due…. and a way that if pictures have phenomenal dislikes over likes it should be brought down…..

Now if that is impacting freedom of speech… then I say Fuck Freedom of Speech…..

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