Join the party with Ravi Bhatnagar and team as they bring to life Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Satire on the Indian Urban Elite…

Party PlayMany thanks to Ravi and his team and to the entire crew at Naatak….. 30 years after hearing about it for the first time…. today I saw the party live on stage…. I can’t be more happy…. when the cast became the characters the stage took me down my memory lane….. to being a ten year old listening to his dad and friends talk about the relevance of the theme…. even today the relevance is as fresh as it was those days….

30 years ago like many kids I knew nothing about parallel cinema and of course nothing about theatre… but one name from those years remained fresh in my mind when I started exploring cinema and theatre… and that was the 1984 Govind Nihalani movie “The Party”…. at that time I never knew about the play or of Mahesh Elkunchwar…. I just remembered overhearing my dad and his friends discuss the same movie over and over for many months after watching the movie…. the name of the characters were printed in my mind before my mind matured to appreciate it….

Curious with what I heard I tried to watch the movie…. But for a kid the Party cannot last long in front of Nastik, Coolie, Andha Kanoon and the other Bachchan lots took over… But  later as I grew up to understand the theme, the cast, the presentation, the satire all made such an impact that I ended seeing it many times…. I came to know the existence of the play but again hailing from Kerala, I never had a chance or opportunity to watch it being performed live… But now Thanks to Ravi and team… that is done…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe team have been successful in drawing the various distinctive parallel lives that co-exist in the play and bringing out the essential satire of how distant the urban elite is to what happens on the ground… how bookish and theoretical intelligence falls short in understanding the plight of what happens in the society…. The incapability of the intelligent writing elite to contribute to the lives of those from whom they borrow their stories… A marvelous satirical expression that acts like a bullhorn fit into the ears of a deaf society….

You should not miss it… Go Watch the next show…

The play is going to be staged again next week Friday Feb 28th and Saturday Mar 1st as well and I recommend all my Bay area friends to pick their ticket and go and watch…. Click Here for the link to their Facebook page where you can get instructions to buy the tickets

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