Happy Birthday – 365 Flash Fiction #3

It was a simple dream… much simple than what many people expect a dream to be in real life…. dreams are supposed to be simple when you see it but gets complex when you wake up… so complex that it becomes extremely difficult to comprehend and as a result it just does not stick within the boundaries and abilities of our mind… but this dream was simple… He saw it and could remember it for a long time…

Years later after he first saw that dream… he saw it again… in the same simplicity as it appeared before… the only difference was this time he recognized the faces in his dream… they say you never dream about strangers… your dream is often linked with what you see in real life…. he kind of knew a lot about dreams… he had even thought of writing a book on dreams…. but dropped the idea later when someone told him that the market for dreams are less now… people need reality checks, result oriented action packed goals…

Many people dream but not many try to make it happen nowadays is what he learned later and so he dropped the idea of a book of dreams… but this one dream kept coming.. after its second occurrence it started coming every month and then every week and then every day when he is asleep…

Yesterday the dream came when he was wide awake… he was not sure if he could call it a dream because in his knowledge dream should happen when one is asleep…

Anyway it was a simple dream…. He is standing on the street looking at the window of a shop that sells women’s dress… the shop keeper is his dad who had died…. the customers in the shop are all his dead relatives and friends…. the dresses displayed behind the window are either his dead wife’s and dead mother’s…

He slowly walks up to the door and gets inside the shop…. everyone stopped their work and looked at him and together let out a shout “Happy Birthday to you”

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