“Hola Venky” – The Independent Travelling Cinema

Hola Venky“Hola Venky” is an idea…. beyond being a movie; it is an idea…. an idea that opens the gate of independent cinema to many more people… taking inspiration from the initial days of the travelling talkies… “Hola Venky” travels across the world to meet its viewers….

I too happened to meet “Venky” and say “Hola” yesterday at a friend’s place where the producer Giju had come with the screen and a projector (the essential travelling cinema kit) and had this private screening before a group of friends and friends of friends (in Facebook terms)….

Sandeep and GijuAn interesting experience that takes the movie out of a dark room where you sit and watch with many unknown people around you and brings an entirely new audience involvement with the movie…

I have seen a lot of movies made on techy life but this one is really funny…. the jokes are timed well to make the viewer laugh without any inhibition…. And that is not an easy task… A very well cut and well trimmed movie (you will get this joke when you watch the movie)

Many earlier techy movies I have seen I had felt that they reflect a lack of professional acting…. But Veny is way different… Roger Narayan’s role as Venky is a very interesting variation from the usual techy movies…. The dialogues are well thought of and you will like it…

Making a move on a tight budget and taking it through this amazing travelling cinema route and meet and greet it’s audience is very commendable and kudos to Giju and Sandeep for doing this….

Hola Venky PosterWhat we miss in the current world is the lack of human interactions and these film movements or for that matter any movement that demands people to come together in one place and meet, greet and interact is so important to keep us remain human…..

The technology and internet definitely keep us connected with people whom we would not have been able to before…. but these engagements that force us to physically be in one place makes us aware of our physical and psychological existence beyond the limits of technology….

Thanks to the hosts Neel and Anamika for giving us all this opportunity to say “Hola Venky”

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