Pink – 365 Flash Fiction #6

He had named his pigeon ‘pink’… his sister thought it was strange… because the pigeon was not pink and she asked him why he named it so… He said that it is because of the history of “Pink” …

“Pink’s mom was also a pet of mine….” He said
“But it died before you were born…. Pink’s ancestors have lived in our house since a very long time…. An ancestor of Pink was once presented to one of our great grandfather….”
She attentively listened to the story

Seeing that she is getting interested he elaborated on it
“an even earlier ancestor of Pink belonged to a poor tailor.. The tailor used it to send small letters to a lady friend…. His friend lived far away …. He had never met her… nor did he know where she lived… but he knew it was far.. Because he could see it fly up in the sky and disappear… and then he would wait till it returned back with her message….”
He smiled at her, feeling proud of his story telling skills…

He continued
“Now how did he know that it always flew to the same person…. Well… the handwriting…. It all came from the same person.. anyway…. it seems one day the girl’s dad found out about it and put a net and caught it… he read the message and was so furious…though he knew that his daughter and the tailor had never met and were just friends…. it did not give him peace… he wanted to teach the guy a lesson and teach his daughter some discipline and yes he was not at all amused with the pigeon… he caged it…. He knew that one day the tailor will come searching for it…. And then one day the tailor did land up at the door”

He looked at her as he did not hear her say anything….. she was fast asleep…. He looked at pink… pink was probably listening….but was least interested for a story about her ancestors…

He knew that she will wake up next day and ask him for the rest of the story… but at least today he could not complete his story…. He kissed her good night and slowly whispered in her ears… “And so I named her pink”

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