Dabron’s Smile – 365 Flash Fiction #7

Philosopher Dabron was a tall man. Well not that the tallness had anything to do with the ideas he had. The tallness was all attributed to genes.. the entire town knew about it… But what Dabron preached was shockingly new to the town he lived in…

Dabron’s philosophy was about a different characteristic of humans that people thought had nothing do with genes…. Dabron’s theory was that the human smile is a trait controlled by human genes….

He went on to say that if genes had anything to do with your looks it had to have something to do with your ability to smile…. Now you might think that Dabron was nuts, but the intelligentsia in the town did not believe so. In fact Dabron was so popular that they accepted Dabron’s theory with both hands and their limited head…

As Dabron’s theory grew in popularity he drew another significant hypothesis that intelligence and smile were inversely proportional…. The dumber smiled more and the intelligent smiled less… Dabron himself was never seen smiling…. Though certain antisocial elements working against Dabron have said that he smiles when he is alone locked in his room…. But the town did not believe

As time went by the people in the town slowly stopped smiling…. They wanted to build a town of intelligent people just like Dabron..

Dabron’s theory was debated in forums in other towns as well. Top tier schools started teaching it as an elective and surprisingly there was an overwhelming response for the program. At one time Dabron himself was keen on attending one of these elective sessions because of its popularity, till the leaders stopped him. They said “Dabron, you can’t sit in that class, because you will not understand anything, and we don’t want to disturb the class in the event that you start negating what is being taught. If you listen to your class and smile that would be a bigger disaster…

Dabron gave talks all over the country and he got the biggest crowd in the remotest of the places and his talks were attended by the complete family with kids and even babies, some even joined the talk with farm animals. Dabron gave equal importance to animals and explained his theory in the light of different species so that he could include every audience in his remarks. Though the animals could not understand what he said they sat through it with their owners without smiling….

At one such talk a young man came up to Dabron and asked “Sir Dabron, I see that you are very tall and I know that is attributed to your genes…. I also know you have never smiled… and I understand that it is because of your genes and the fact that you are very intelligent…
“Yes… you are right young man… I have never smiled and I am very intelligent…. Do you smile…? Dabron asked…
“Yes Sir…. I do……”
“When do you smile young man..?” Dabron asked seriously and the whole crowd joined him…. All happy to see one idiot in such a long time….”

“Ha… Ha…. Ha….” The young man burst into a roaring laugh… then stopped and looked at Dabron and again fell rolling on the floor hold his tummy and kept on laughing
Dabron and the rest of the folks were taken aback… “How dare he…” they thought… “how can he laugh like this and ruin his future” asked other….

After a while the young man stopped laughing and got up with tears in his eyes…..
‘Well sir… sorry…. I could not stop myself….. won’t happen again”
“I can understand” Said Dabron…. “You can get treatment to stop it and become intelligent… your insurance should cover it … I can give you a letter…”
“Thank You sir…that would be great….” Said the young man

As he was about to leave Dabron called out to him… “So why did you laugh….?”
The young man looked at him and said “I cannot tell you in front of these people…. I can tell you alone…”

The crowd waited outside as Dabron and the young man got into the room….. They were in there for almost an hour…. Then the young man came out very serious and with tears in his eyes…. He looked at the crowd and said
“Sir Dabron is no more…. He could not stand the joke I said and he died in shame….. he tried to smile but could not and that suffocated him I guess….”
The crowd was shocked…. Their anti-smile guru is no more… they are lost now… they too had forgotten to smile all this years…. They all looked at the young man and asked…..
“Any last words…. Any last words for us….. ?”

The young man stepped forward….. He looked at the people and said…. “Yes…. He had a few last words…. He probably had more…. But he could not…..”
The crowd waited in pindrop silence as the young man spoke the last words of the philosopher Sir Dabron
“I could not understand much as he was suffocating but I could jot down a few words….Sir Dabron just before he passed away uttered the following words for his followers… Fuck, Fun, Joke, Smile, Drink, Fuck…..” he looked at the crowd…. and crowed looked back at him in such a way that they were two big eyes..

The Young man continued.. “He probably had more to say but I think these were the core essence of his message and I think starting with the first word that got repeated twice we need to find peace in what ever said…..”

He closed his eyes and said “I think this is what he meant ‘Fuck with fun and joke for a smile, drink and fuck again…I think we all should give a great farewell to Dabron and keep his last message close to our heart and practice…. Friends practice your jokes and your smile… we have much more to do in life….”

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