The Positive Preacher – 365 Flash Fiction #8

“Before they become Butterflies the caterpillars do not have a choice… they are moving towards a very beautiful existence… or more rightly a beautiful existence for the people who look…. But the problem is they do not have a choice…. They cannot beat the evolution…. That is the case with any being for that matter… they cannot do anything to change what they become…. But we humans are different…. We are no more defined by our physical appearance…. Though that is a big industry by itself…. we can be what we want….” He paused for a moment and looked at the people sitting before him…. There were young and old….. even some familiar faces who have probably attended his sessions before…

He has been running these feel good sessions for a long time…. more as a therapy for himself….. That is also his way of escaping from his lonely one bedroom apartment…. He had once read the book that told him that keep talking positive and things around you will turn positive….. and he started this journey…. positive preaching…. The negatives in his life never went away… they got buried in his positive talk till he opened the door and stepped into his apartment every night…. He often waits for a while before switching on the light… he always felt that he had lost himself in the darkness of his one bed room apartment… but he never finds him there…. he gives up searching and switches on the light and the first thing he always notices is the open bottle of rum on the table… as always he will walk to it and gulp from it….. He did not like to call him an alcoholic… A casual drinker…. That is a positive word to use and he does his best to not have a drink during his mornings….

The bottle is in one way his main companion; it will follow him in his grip to the bathroom, then to the kitchen as he opens the fridge and gets some crap to heat in the microwave…. Kissing his lips and pouring into him as he cajoles it… then it will sit next to him as he switches on the TV and changes channels like it is his main purpose in life…… If it is lucky he will let it rest on the table top like that day… or else it will slip down on to the ground and roll off till it hits something…. Often empty….

He took a look at the next slide “Never complain about what you have….. Find an excuse not to complain…. The only excuse you should ever make…..” he smiled….. yes that is true…. the bottle is not complaining about its life… so he should not complain about his… how every empty it is….

He looked at the crowd and continued…. “So we humans are the only creatures who can make a positive change in our life…. we have to strive for it… we are beyond what we look…. What defines us is what is in here…..” he touched his head.. “in between your two ears….. this has the power to make you who you always want to be..” the people gathered there joined him in one voice “yes… yes..”

He smiled at them but was trying to remember if he still had any unopened bottles left in his one bed room apartment….. He has to get down and buy more on his way back…. he needed to wrap up early today…. He moved on to the next slide…..

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