8 Interesting Thriller Movies I watched recently…..

8 moviesHere are some of the interesting thriller movies I watched in the recent past…. each warrants a separate post but due to lack of time and to get this collection to the readers…. I am putting them together in one post here…. All thrillers, some are drama and some are mystery and some are crime… I hope you love them…. Watch them on Netflix… thats where I watched them

The Dancer UpstairsThe Dancer Upstairs – English – Thriller Drama
A 2002 movie directed by John Malkovich and starring Javier Bardem is a combination you should not missed… and I had missed… got to watch it and loved it… Javier is always a treat…. The movie has Javier playing a detective in a South American Country in pursuit of a revolutionary Guerilla leader…. It is an interesting watch…. Laura Morante as the Ballet teacher was beautiful…

No Rest for the Wicked“No habrá paz para los malvados” – No Rest for the Wicked – Crime Thriller
A 2011 Thriller movie from Spain from director Enrique Urbizu.. It starts more like a low budget movie but takes up real pace as you follows the investigative trail of a former celebrated cop who now has a drinking problem… An unclear past that unfolds as the story moves forward…. José Coronado plays the cop with a real tough and rough outfit….

La Prole – The Prey – Crime ThrillerThe Prey
A 2011 French thriller movie from director Eric Valette…. The movie is a fast paced action thriller where the main character a bank robber Franck Adrien played by Albert Dupontel is on the run with the entire French Police is behind him… He is in the pursuit of something that is more personal….. A very clever criminal who is manipulating the world against him…. a true edge of the seat thriller… also I liked Albert Dupontel’s role… this was the first movie I watched of his…

A Gang StoryLes Lyonnais – A Gang Story – Crime Thriller
A 2011 French movie from director Olivier Marchal stars Gérard Lanvin as a retired crime boss who has to take up the gun again to keep a word of friendship turning the cops against him…. I have seen Gérard Lanvin in a negative support role before in À bout portant (Point Blank) and was impressed by his acting…. it was nice to watch him in a lead role….

Ne le dis à personne – Tell No One – Thriller MysteryTell No One
A 2006 French movie from director Guillaume Canet staring François Cluzet as a doctor Alexandre Beck who was a suspect in his wife’s murder a few years back and now is on the run when two bodies turn up near the place where his wife’s body was found years ago… He is again a suspect and now he has to prove his innocence…. He gets signs and videos from a mysterious sender who is trying to communicate something with him…. A very thrilling ride…

ClockersClockers – Crime Thriller
The 1995 Spike Lee movie with an ensemble cast of fine actors like Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Delroy Lindo… taking you through the rough life in the projects in Brooklyn… the life of young drug pushers and the cops who work in the projects to get the youngsters out of trouble…. The movie starts with the Marc Dorsey Song “People in Search of a Life” which I am embedding here… I have always been a fan of Harvey Keitel and John Turturro and I have thought that Delroy Lindo is a very fine actor….

The girl in the dragon tatooMän som hatar kvinnor – The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo – Mystery Thriller
A quite famous 2009 swedish movie directed by Niels Arden Oplev based on the crime novel by the late Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larsson… “Män som hatar kvinnor” literally means “Men who hate women…. The move follows the few months in the life of a Journalist Mikael Blomkvist played by Michael Nyqvist who is called in to investigate a forty year old missing person case… He is helped by a computer hacker Lisbeth Salander played by Noomi Rapace who is troubled by her legal guardian and breaks away from him….Mikael and Lisbeth work together to uncover the mistery…. I have not seen the english version of the movie starring Daniel craig but this movie… the first release is awesome…

Sin-se-gae -New World – Crime ThrillerNew World
The 2013 Korean Mandrin movie by director Hoon-jung Park is a pretty violent movie…. The story of undercover cops, new age gangs and the whole steam that follows…. finding moles… not knowing who is loyal and who is not…. Lee Ja-sung played by Jung-Jae Lee is appointed as an undercover by Section Chief Kang played by Min-sik Choi… He is not close to the top of the biggest gang… no one knows but that might change soon…. As I mentioned the movie is a bit violent…. but for crime movie lovers… this is a perfect selection….

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