Captain America – And what got stuck in my mind is an India Pakistan Dialogue.. Why??

captain-america-2-poster“If Pakistan marches to Mumbai and drags your daughters to the stadium for execution and if you had a switch that could change the situation wouldn’t you use it” this is the question asked to Councilman Singh by the senior SHIELD officer Alexander Pierce and the councilman replies “No… Not if it is your switch”… This is a rather small and quite irrelevant statement in the whole movie but one that stuck with me enough after watching the movie so I dedicate my review to this one dialogue…. Why the India Pakistan reference… was that needed…? I will get to it in a bit.. before that a bit about the movie….

I was never a big fan of super hero movies…. I used to watch them when I was a kid….I really loved them back then…. but then somewhere I lost touch with it… but today I decided to go for this one along with kids…. I think sometimes you need to watch it with kids to bring out the kid in you… I took the 7 yr old, 15 yr old and the 65 yr old….

It was a bit loud and too much action for the 7 yr old and he mostly ended up closing his eyes every now and then…. but everyone else enjoyed I guess… though I have to write on this one dialogue from the movie…

I thought that dialogue was very absurd…. you have a movie that has super heroes who do not exist… so you should have used country names in a more considerate way than this one…. again that is my opinion…. now coming to the execution part and stadium reference.. I am an Indian and as far as I know Pakistan does not order stadium model executions…. According to the guardian article here Pakistan is not even listed in the top 10 countries in the death penalty statistics, but US made it to the list.. So imagining that Pakistan would do it in another country once they invade it is a far fetched idea… that is my opinion….

But may be through the councilman Singh’s answer the writer wanted to make another message loud…. the fact that not everyone would think of peace and defense in the same way…. and here I am probably putting words into the writer’s pen…. defenses that destroy mankind is no good for mankind…. but to state that piece of information there were many ways other than dragging Mumbai and Pakistan into the picture….. when a country is torn apart it takes a long time often generations for the wounds of partition to heal…. yes 60 years is a long time… But it is not as hopeless as the statement in the movie….

I need to say that because this is a PG 13 movie and the fact that many kids who watch it might not have the slightest idea of world politics…. leave alone adults who are sitting and watching superheroes in a dark room, blinded to what happens in the world…. When you tell stories about non existent super heroes you should be more considerate to what references you use….. I would not have written this comment if this was not a PG 13 movie….

Finally you can watch the movie if you love super heroes…. just don’t listen to the above dialogue… the director/writer is probably confused with countries and regimes…..

Yes there are some problems, that people in both countries will acknowledge,  and as neighboring countries; people in both these countries are working on it…. in fact have been working on it for a very long time… but still not a hopeless situation as I stated… I think that the last thing they want is a Captain America losing his sleep on this issue :)… but otherwise the movie is a good watch…..



  1. Mansoor Ali Syed

    Thanks Vinod for writing this! just to be sure that they actually used these lines, i googled about it and found your blog. I am a Pakistani and was just enjoying the movie until this nonsense was uttered. i am actually hurt right now. People are putting everything on stake to bring these countries together and this Marvel bunch of fools always throw something like that in the middle of a good movie experience.

    1. vinodnarayan

      I am with you Mansoor…. a very unwarranted dialogue…. does not add any value but alienates a sect of fans…. I hope they get some sense and they read this post and your comment…..

  2. Yusuf

    Nice article sir. I agree with your analysis. I actually enjoyed the whole movie but that particular dialogue seemed misinformed. I am a Pakistani and i know the problems with my country. But that really hurt. I hope there is never any war b/w the two countries. The only way i see hate ending b/w us is when we decide to end this transfer of hate from generation to generation. I am an 18year old and i know that whatever happened all those years ago is NOT the fault of the current generation. Pakistan and India are gonna be next to one another till the end of time. That’s geography. Why dont we just grow up already.
    I liked the movie though.

  3. dimensionsak

    Hey Vinod! As a Pakistani woman I totally agree with what you’ve written and want to thank you for highlighting this completely unnecessary, offensive, and (worst of all) very inaccurate dialogue. I, too, walked away from the movie with this dialogue at the forefront of my thoughts. It is a shame that statements like this portray Pakistan as equal to the Taliban, even though we are fighting them on so many fronts. Since so many kids these days have no clue about the intricacies of geopolitics, Hollywood should realize it has a responsibility to make accurate statements. Thanks again for your tolerant world view!

  4. Yusuf

    The comment in the movie was totally uncalled for. Islam is a religion of mercy. It never allows for execution of captured girls in wars, riots or any such situation. Though a devout Muslim can keep her as his property and enjoy her, he should never hurt her body in any way. Islam only allows for consummation of sex with captured slave and encourages us to free more and more to earn pity.

    My fun was also spoiled when this reference came. Thanks for pointing it out.

    1. vinodnarayan


      While I appreciate you taking time to visit and commenting on the blog post…. I strongly disagree and to a am shocked by your comments.. First of all… the film did not say anything about religion… it was only mentioning about my Neighboring country which I felt lame… I am surprised you even bring religion into the picture…

      Your statement “a devout Muslim can keep her as his property and enjoy her, he should never hurt her body in any way. Islam only allows for consummation of sex with captured slave and encourages us to free more and more to earn pity.” is your lame interpretation of something….. I am sure many in your religion will substantiate my comment….

      I am no authority on religions and believe a religion is a very personal thing for anyone who follows…. and if any religion says what you have said above… then it has to be corrected… and when you say what a devout muslim can do in war and riots, I think you are very very mistaken…. My friend even prisoners of war have rights and women in wars and riots are not even prisoners… they are just victims of an event…. and by your statement what you bring up a point that victims of an event can be termed “property”…. this is very sad….

      Again…. please understand that there are more pains that can be inflicted in a person beyond a physical pain…. sad that you do not see it…. In fact now I am more pissed off by your comment than by the movie… the movie dialogue was unwarranted but probably with no bad intention… but your comment and findings is worse than the dialogue… sorry to say that…. NO… Women are not property be it in war or riots or in life… “free them for pity?” what does that mean…?, you free people because it is the right thing to do…. freedom is not written differently for different people…

      And for your kind information humans are born with no religion written on their foreheads and it is the senses and thoughts that make people decide to belong to one or the other… most times it is imposed on people as part of the upbringing… there is a drinking age in all countries and I think there should be a law and an age bar before which someone cannot belong to any religion, we would have a much better world to live in…. because people should make judgement because they are matured and not because they are born into it or forced into it…

      Finally You did not even mention if you are from Pakistan…. may be you are not… and if you are then please understand Pakistan also has Christians and Hindu minorities… they might be small but not non existent… you just came in to put in an unwarranted religious point here which I strongly despise, sad to say that…. most of the commentators were sensible…

      I have no clue why you are hurt from a religious point… what you have done is wrongly interpret an already lame dialogue… and doing so put forth a very bad argument… this is the problem with any religion… if one delves too deep into it one can lose touch with humanness and equality for all… this is true of any religion not just yours…. If there is a place for religion in people’s life… it should be in their mind and personal affairs not in the public or the politics… that is the biggest issue in our world.. we should keep things where they belong.. and everything does not belong everywhere… period…

      Hope you have better interpretations of what you believe and please consider man/women over religion….. I would hope people from your side will comment here and prove you wrong on your statement….

      Sorry I am being very blunt…. Could not help it… if I don’t write this comment I will be dishonest with myself and my readers…

      1. Yusuf

        Vinod sir, I am the first “Yusuf” that commented on your site. I was just checking your article when I came across the comments of this 2nd “Yusuf”.
        I hope you know that this was clearly some other yusuf (since you are the admin and yusuf is a fairly common name) , with a twisted mind who obviously could NOT resist that The Pakistanis and Indians were peacefully agreeing upon something for a change and just HAD to make such an infuriating comment which I think was more infuriating than the cap2 dialogue. He clearly wanted to invoke a response . And no, you were not harsh, you were mature and honest. God bless you for that.

    2. sourav

      come on bro .. the dialogue is about Pakistan … a country if u don’t know … Islam is a religion … don’t squeeze both things into the same jar …!! if u know what i a mean …!!

  5. pavan

    It is not new for the western world (aka Hollywood) to view Pakistan for the threat it can be, and not the county that it is today. Didn’t GI Joe’s try and procure nuclear warheads before it got to wrong hands when riots breaks out in Pakistan?
    This is I think being realistic, Pakistan has for long neglected the threat of religious extremism and not only it had paid the price for it, neighbors have paid the price for it as well. I think in Captain America as well, it is evident that Alexander Pierce is referring to the threat Pakistan can be and not the county it is today…

  6. Mohsin

    Hello, out of fun I googled the “Pakistan India reference” in the movie and came across your blog. I am a Pakistani and I was hurt when I heard the dialogue and was glad that someone, you, have actually come forward about this. We have our issue but there is no reason we can’t make peace, the dialogue was a slap in the face for whoever actually understood the meaning behind it. Yes, Thor and G.I Joe had a similar theme against Pakistan this went too far but yeah, buddy, nicely written and appreciate your thinking.

  7. haroon

    well they used such a bad refrence and i was so shocked but after reading the above conversation i was so happy .
    they are the real culprits …

  8. Stacy

    Thank you for your comments, and I agree wholeheartedly. I am an American woman married to my wonderful husband- who is Pakistani. I love superhero movies, and they tend to be a genre that my husband and I can enjoy together, since we don’t always agree on movies. I was so excited to see this movie, and that line ruined the whole thing for me. It made me so sad. There are a million other ways they could have handled it, and made the point about the price of ultimate security. I like it when movies make us question the prevailing wisdom, not cater to racist fears. I think my husband was less bothered than I was. I was embarrassed. I am also sick of movies that have the evil-doers speaking Urdu.

  9. Karim Shah

    This dialogue ruined the movie for me as well.. It was not at all needed. Wonder why was it even used in the movie and what relevance it has to the concept of ‘captain america’. Big thumbs down to the screenplay/dialogue writer of this movie as s/he hurt sentiments of millions with one bad dialogue

  10. Rizwan

    Was very excited to watch this movie , but stopped after watching this Bullshit dialog, We are good countries but our politicians have sold our values , cant say any more

  11. sourav

    to be honest .. i am not that much into the political world and thinking … but i sincerely agree with Mr vinod narayan regarding the necessity of that foolish dialogue in the movie .. but
    to be honest.. i feel that the dialogue was somewhat amusing … as … Pakistan clearly claims that India is alleging Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks on 26/11 … and so do the Americans (due to the political necessity .. maybe ..but not sure ) … however this Hollywood movie at least accepts that there are some active terrorism going on in Pakistan …!!
    PS- i am not alleging that Pakistan did the terrorist attack ,, but just pointing out what has happened …!!

  12. Deepak

    It was no big deal to include a Mumbai-Pakistan mention in the film. It had happened before which we now call 26/11 with terrorists attacking Mumbai. Now see that from an American sci-fi superhero film point-of-view! Its not weird at all and I don’t think anyone should be offended by that.

    Its actually a refreshing change from all other Hollywood movies in which Soviets are always the evil guys (Even in this film the bad guys were using Soviet weapons). Do you hear them complaining? They got used to it and so should Pakistan. They were also mentioned in G.I.Joe Retaliation FYI. Now lets face it. In the past decade Pakistan has managed to outperform even Afghanistan in terrorism and terrorists activities and is safely sitting at the top of the list for maximum terrorism. So its only natural that they’re mentioned in every other movie. The era of Soviets and Soviet-attacks has gone. The new world order sees red in Jihadi countries!

    Now stadium killing or stoning might just be an exaggeration but people get honor-stoned in Pakistan all the time! Watch the news man!

    1. vinodnarayan

      Thanks Deepak for reiterating that I should watch the news 🙂 but news alone does not make us, we think, we question and we build our understanding about situations, anyway if you read my post, the question was the necessity of that statement… well being touchy is something we Indians also have much in our nature and we can take instances where we get touchy as Indians and then we get touchy as Tamil, Malayali, Marathi, Punjabi, Bihari and so on…. so before we make a blanket statement that, there is nothing wrong in that statement etc….. the question is was it necessary… it does not add any value to the movie is all I had to say…. Thanks for visiting and sharing your comment…

      1. Deepak

        Please.. don’t mention it. How do you think I got here in the first place. I knew for sure some people would have found offence to that dialogue in the film. So I googled the line and voila!
        Yes i agree, people from this part of the world do get touchy. Probably because they’re not mentioned enough on the world stage that is Hollywood and so, when they do get mentioned there are long and endless discussions on trivial issues. I don’t know whether that line was necessary or whether it adds any value to the story and all.. but I for one, like my country and frankly speaking, the reason I liked that line in the movie was because it shows us the ‘good guy’ among the two countries Ind and Pak!

  13. Mohsin

    Excuse me, Deepak, but it made you feel good that India was shown as the good guy and Pakistan the villain? that’s the same mind set that isn’t allowing the barriers between two countries to fall down..It wasn’t necessary because it was spoken in a fictional universe and now to drag Pak-India relations and to show Pakistan as an evil is not fair.

    1. Deepak

      I’m sorry if I sounded childish and may be I did a little. I know most of the Pakistani people like India but also there a lot of Pakistanis who hate India right. I’m not being political here but the 26/11 incident was all I could think of when I first heard that line in the movie and we don’t need to kid ourselves regarding that incident right? I think the whole world can agree with me on that one!

    1. vinodnarayan

      Dear Asian,
      I don’t know where you heard that; before India and Pakistan and any country existed there were human beings, who did not discriminate each other on religion and language.. May be there are still some old fashion people like me in both countries who do not see the borders in their perspective to mankind 🙂

    2. Spyhunk

      Asian! did you read other comments of this post? i think no! Please read the comments – If they hate each other like you thought, then why they replay each other Respectfully? and stands against this dialogue?

      ( I have grammar problem so, don’t be YE*H! )

  14. Rajiv

    I came here the same way, just like many others before me. I am actually glad that the world (hollywood is not the WORLD, but its mainstream America) has a certain view of one such country. I am appalled at this article and the sheer amount of ignorance and apathy from the author.

    It’s been a painful 50+ years and of course, some one like this author, who probably never has been effected either directly or indirectly (pardon my assumption) by the atrocities, would write such kind of articles, trying to distort the facts and try to paint a rosy picture. There was never a time in this region nor in any part of the world where humans did not discriminate against each other based on race, color, religion, sect, caste, creed, sex or some other thing.

    Sounds funny when the authors posts “May be there are still some old fashion people like me in both countries who do not see the borders in their perspective to mankind”, which is really, for a lack of a better word, stupid. Well… old fashioned guy … here’s a secret… without border, there is no you. You should be glad that your father, grandfather and the one’s before them did a good job on drawing boundaries and maintaining then, so you are raised in a good family. Heck you even have a border for the little house you built and there’s a good reason for it. Don’t pull out blanket statements, if you don’t understand what they really mean.

    It might really look cool posting such stupid articles (this looks like the current norm), but what it shows is your one dimensional thinking and ignorance.

    1. vinodnarayan

      Hi Rajiv……
      Thanks for visiting and posting a detailed comment even if you used it show off your intelligence and understanding (which you believe is correct) and obviously convey how ignorant and stupid I am…. Works ok for me… because it is not necessary for everyone in this world to think the same way…… please be happy with the borders you create for yourself, both outside and inside your mind….. and I believe one can always remain a captive and never free, if they wish to….

  15. Ali

    I can answer the question you have asked in this blog. You are a very intelligent and fair man who asked a very intelligent question but you didnt think far enough. I will answer your question.

    As Stalin once said. If you win the war of propaganda you win half the war”. But in this case propaganda is winning the whole war. The reference though small is a mark on the western population’s brain. These small dents that the media has putting into their brains for 70 years. One by one you keep hammering the concept into their brain and it starts to become a reality for them. A time will come when the masses won’t be able to tell what is the truth and what is not. The time is now. The media has projected muslims and muslim countries (particularly pakistan because it is Nuke) as a bad and evil country which needs to be eradicated. But west needs the support of their own people. To win the support they need propaganda. Powerful propaganda. Which started a long time ago. Now a time has come when most of the masses are not educated enough to question the reality which is being pot rayed to them. So most of the westerners. Pakistan is an evil country. So is Iran. Now the ISIS ghost has been created (we all know who funded these rogue mercenaries) and they are using that excuse to further invade and execute muslims. This small little dialogue in the movie though small and irrelevant is actually quite powerful and tells you what lies in their heart and in their brains as the new world order takes shape.

  16. Shreeyansh

    Yo! Pakistan is officially one of 14 modern countries who have the terrible statistic of being a Genocide nation. Yahya’s masaccre of 3 million bengalis and hindus has made Pakistan a “not good” variety of nations. That and its irritating constant bloody interference in all its neighbors – India Afghan Iran – its the only country in South Asia who can order a station execution.
    You peoples memories are like a fruit fly! Can’t remember the past and only focus on the present

    1. Mohsin

      “its the only country in South Asia who can order a station execution” Oh, wow, do I need to mention the muslim massacre in Gujrat? Constant interference? Oh, I don’t know what about India raising anti-Pakistan sentiments in Afghanistan through proxy or the trigger happy BSF “guards” who open fire on Pakistan and Bangladesh border towns? We very well remember the past, thanks for the care. It is sad that one would slander mud instead of finding mutual ground for a friendly dialogue, the author of the blog understands that.

  17. sri1ram

    Maybe I am a year too late into this debate, but just saw the movie on TV. The Indian-Pakistani rapport is all good here and I agree with most of the statements. However, Marvel is a story-line industry and their main theme has been to really exaggerate the good and bad into black and white comic strips. An introspective question to both Indians and Pakistanis, we all see the degrading situation in Pakistan over the past decade – Is it very far-fetched for a comic-writer to imagine a tomorrow where the region is taken over by retrogressive extremist agencies like ISIS? The news yesterday again pointed to a JuD/LeT terrorist released by the courts instead of being eliminated in some encounter (as is the norm). I am not sure why people should get their chaddis so tight about this “slight” and insult to their country. Indians have put up a lot with stereotypes in Hollywood over decades, maybe with some modicum of truth in those. It is time for Pakistanis to put up with those, especially when there are scenarios that seem to be natural in spite of their Generals finally seeing the light and at long last starting terrorist-elimination operations like Zarb-e-Azb in 2015 !!!

  18. Indian

    The blogger is fool and pussy. I was very glad to hear that statement in the movie. Clearly shows the world what a terrorist nation pakistan is and that good stand that indian took by saying not if its your switch. This is the difference between India and Pakistan. Pakistan is a terrorist nation and needs to wiped off the surface of the earth. Blogger doesn’t remember how many innocent indian lives have been lost because of this aholes. I am not spreading hatred but if you are defending by saying statement made in that movie was inappropriate you are not patriot enough. India has made enough efforts to make peace but this people only know violence and to kill. I laugh at idiots who try to defend Islam as a religion of peace. It is a religion of murderers and rapists and soulless creatures. Again I am glad that statement was made and ashamed that this blog is written by a traitor Indian

    1. vinodnarayan

      Well Derek…. though you call yourself Indian 🙂 hate helps no one, no one defends anything here. there was an unwanted reference may be some people might applaud to it, but I am an Indian citizen who will not applaud when a neighboring nation and its people are demeaned in a blanket statement in a movie… So may be some people’s kind of patriotism asks them to spread hatred against neighbors, there are such patriots in both India and in Pakistan… I am not one of them and I know many people from Pakistan who are also not that way. I am sure if you really search you too can find many…
      Cheers Bro…. I believe Religion darkens humanism, any religion for that matter, but I do not see people based on what religion they are in or what country they hold their citizenship to, I see them as people like me and you… that is the only way for all of us my friend, a comment like this will never make you feel better about the world around
      I hope you change your opinions over time..
      Thanks Derek, because I am an Indian and Indian’s do not hate Pakistanis… Period….

  19. AQSAM

    I watched this movie last night while testing my new VR glasses. Like every other Indian and Paki, I was really disturbed when this dialogue came out. out of curiosity, googling the topic led me to this very maturely well written review. I agree, this is just not acceptable. Isn’t it like injecting false ideas about the two countries into the mind of people, not forgetting the major ratio of these people would be minors and teens. What a silly piece of writing.
    Currently , I am out of my country and I must say when out of their countries Indians and Pakistanis are very closed and friendly. Even back there in Pakistan we have hosted and have made some very nice and polite Indian friends. Too bad politics and some external powers will never like India and Pakistan getting closer.

    Thank you Vinod for writing and expressing your views. This lifts my spirits. God Bless our countries.

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