The Life between ‘YES’ and a ‘NO’

Yes and NoA ‘NO’ is a very interesting thing
Not many people like it…
but hidden somewhere behind those letters
is an opportunity…
An opportunity that will only reveal
once you accept that ‘NO’ wholeheartedly
What happens next…?
A whole new world opens up
a world that was hiding behind your
fear of ‘NO’
People go on war with ‘NO’
They keep it a secret…
They fight back to make it “YES”
But it is like sex change…
you should not force it….
A ‘NO’ is a ‘NO’ till it does not want to be one
Some never hear ‘NO’
No they are not stupid….
they just don’t hear….
They hear every thing that
tends to ‘NO’ but not the ‘NO’
It is there escape route….
Now let is come to ‘YES’
You can see the smile in people
‘YES’ is beautiful
‘YES’ is glorious
‘YES’ is what I want….
Is it..?…. But wait….
‘YES’ can be a burden
too heavy to keep walking with
‘YES’ can be misleading
‘YES’ can be a real dead end
‘YES’ can be that one weapon
someone used to silence you
Life balances between ‘NO’ and ‘YES’
Somewhere one needs to get out of
this balancing act…
may be….
Say ‘NO’ to some ‘YESs’ in life
and embrace all your NOs…
and see what happens…..

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