Rapt – French Crime Thriller that will bend your mind – Movie Reivew

RaptWhat are you worth…? What does the world think you are worth….? but the biggest questions are what do your kidnappers think you are worth….? and How much will the outside world pay to get you back….?

Rapt the 2009 French movie by director Lucas Belvaux starring Yvan Attal in the main lead is a wonderful thriller drama…. It is not an action film that will see police freeing a hostage after some bloodied violence… it is more cerebral and social in its theme…

When the rich Industrialist ‘stanislas’ is kidnapped and ransom demand comes… the world without the stanislas kind of changes…. extensive discussions on personal and corporate level on the approach of the negotiation becomes a core theme, cops or pay off… also social impacts of such a kidnapping on the image of the person…. and the big questions like what can be paid as a ransom for his release…. How rich is he… can the family afford the ransom… should the corporate pay the ransom…. who needs him back more…. and finally unravelling who he is…

The movie shows how a man in so high level of power becomes so helpless and the world without him chnages as he is in captivity….

The movie takes you through some well thought scripting and dialogue delivery…. with a very interesting twist and an unexpected open end for viewers to take home……

It is a movie you should watch…… Here is the trailer

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