For Me April 12th is the Siblings Day

IMG_0011For me April 12th (and not April 10th) is the siblings day because today was born my one and only sister… I always think sisters are so important because they can become a mother like even if they are younger… but brothers if they are younger can never become a father figure to you….

Last year I made a video… this year I shared it on her timeline…. these social networks have made things so easy…. they remind you about burthdays and they also help in saving time :)… but I wanted to write something today…. and I was not sure what…. she has been better than me in studies and a better human being, so advices will not fly…. when I have no words to write I always take refuge in a few lines of poetry… and here is one for her

There are a few years between us
that we can never close the gap on
or else we would have been born twins..
there have been years of togetherness
growing up into adulthood…
but adulthood often demands separation
work, family, changing priorities, life…
In today’s connected world
togetherness is not a physical existence
it is a philosophy….
mind always moves faster than matter…
I am far but I am also so very near….
I was a call away before
then I was a phone call away
and now I am just a ping away
ping sounds closer than a call or a phone call
just ping……
I am not far.. I am just a ping away

This year like every year remember that you have made us all proud…. Wishing you many more of these wonderful years ahead

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