Crossing The Bridge Alone – 365 Flash Fiction #13

It did not sound to him as cheating… He was going to say ‘No’…. And he knew a lot of people who have a problem with ‘No’. No, Not with hearing it, but saying it…. Kind of the yes people who cannot say ‘No’… they commit suicide every time they say ‘Yes’… He always wondered what is the problem that people had with ‘No’…. Hearing it was tough… he could get it… but saying it… why is that difficult

Here he was going a bit further than usual… he was changing his ‘Yes’ to a ‘No’ and that had repercussions on a lot of people… people he knew directly and some of whose existence he had absolutely no idea… but he decided… yes he did think a lot about it… he had weighed the pros and cons of his decision like they say in many management books…. One cannot say he was fully happy with his decision… but it was much better than not doing it….

His ‘Yes’ had stirred a bit of controversy and his ‘No’ is not going to reverse that controversy…. Because controversies once they start are not dependent on the incident of its creation…. That is why apologies don’t work in their true sense… they never sound honest… apologies are often considered as that final cry when you know you cannot do anything… what is done is done, I am sorry… that is all… So now he will be saying ‘No’ and losing his face in front of many while still having to face the brunt of the controversy his ‘Yes’ has created… He will own up for both sides of his decision…. That is not a good state to be in, but he has been in worse…

He walked up to the stage in front of the people…. He remembered what his mother once said… She had told him that in a world where people weigh success and failures above right and wrong, some decisions are tough…. They break you as a person… they have the power to even ruin you…. But following the heart is important on some decisions, It might break you from outside but it will never shatter you from inside… You can always put together the broken pieces outside you but you can never bring together those shattered pieces inside you… so it is important you never shatter inside you… Break outside but never shatter inside….

He looked at the crowd and closed his eyes….. He could see his mother telling him You can afford to Break outside but never allow yourself to shatter inside….. he knew what he had to say and was all set to cross that bridge alone…

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