Indian Election 2014 – My Thoughts

Indian FlagThe most important aspect of any battle, sometimes even more important than winning is the ability to accept defeat…. The 2014 Indian Election is no different from any other battle… The BJP does not give a better alternative than congress when it comes to corruption, at least from its records…. And probably for a majority of Indian voters, corruption was not the issue, and Narendra Modi always seemed a better option when comparing with the ever silent Manmohan singh at the helm for so many years… Also the results show how much people wanted to escape from the clutches of the dynasty that was trying to keep its grip on India by trying to feed the half Italian baby (baba) food down the common man’s throat…

But along with the corruption that exists even within BJP, there are other things that could be a possible bonus from the congress era like communal hooliganism and Moral Policing… unless the party has an agenda to control or stop it….  We have seen it show its ugly face during election, when hooligans attacked the AAP folks… we have also seen the offensive and irrational nature of many supporters when they try to defend their party…. We will have to wait and see how BJP as a party will manage its supporters who will try to develop (read Modifying) India with an iron fist…. manage the amount or irrational, communal and religious stranglehold that the party banks on…

That being said this victory is a huge one for any party…. Congress has been riding on same independence involvement and Gandhi slogans for long…. And the election result just shows that people are mighty pissed off…. Finally as I said initially, everyone who are against BJP should now be ready to honorably accept defeat and say that our defeat is part of the battle and life after defeat need not always be a pissing act with the victorious, but as individuals, parties and ideologies we will come together for the betterment of the nation…. Because the majority of the country wants a system that works and not a stalemate…. but again on issues of communalism, irrationality and religious fundamentalism, a stalemate is better than a system that works….

What is of prime importance is to keep the fight against corruption, communalism, Human Gods and religious infiltration ongoing and instill rational thinking above everything…. As a proud Indian and non-supporter of BJP and unhappy with the election results I welcome BJP to join hands in this fight by the common man along with the responsibility of ruling the nation……

With a great amount of uncertainty and vagueness  ahead coupled with some amount of genuine fear I still wish to Congratulate BJP on their remarkable Victory….. A battle always has a winner, but some battles should continue…. A decision by the people of India is a decision for the people in India even if not acceptable for everyone… But People and Political Parties ride on waves… and waves are bound to change is a fact….

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