Their Baby Girl – 365 Flash Fiction #21

She made a statement. They never knew it coming. This had never crossed their mind. But she told them. She was not at all apologetic. It was rather bold and she seemed to be perfectly fine with it. They were confused on how to deal with such a big decision. They had never been this way, let alone telling their parents such a thing. Now here comes their baby girl and makes a statement that they can’t seem to handle.

In the name of the gods and the heaven they live in, this can’t be true. They can’t be taking this at this age. After all those they have gone through to raise their little angel. This can’t just be true

Anything but this. That is not fair, how many other ways are there to be astray, but this is like an addiction, there is a no way back. They can never understand this fully and how do they let their little girl do this to her. They can’t let this happen.

She did not say because she was doubtful, she thought that as parents they ought to know where it is heading for and know that much ahead in time.

This is the biggest problem. How can you get someone out of it if they are so determined. They could see it in her eyes. Tough, very tough.

But as parents they have a responsibility. They have to protect their kid from anything and everything that comes in her way. They should be providing their kid a platter with everything that they know as good for her. And they have failed miserably in their roles. They know a distant relative of theirs who has been through this and he dealt it with an iron fist. The result was terrible, he lost his kid. They shivered at the thought of it.

They felt like they are between the sea and the monster unable to accept nor to reject. They were not sure if she wanted them to accept, or was she just informing them. She probably felt that it was her bounded duty to do so. They felt crackers bursting in their head without an end at sight. But this was not something they expected , they are very un prepared, they had everything else planned, everything….

She looked at them and broke the silence that followed her last statement.
“Papa? Mama? what is it?”

They looked at each other. Both could see it in each others eyes, the fear, the fear of unknown. The questions What if?, What if this is all a big mistake?. They held each others hands. They both knew that for her they will dive in without a moments thought.

She came closer and hugged them both
“Papa…, you always use to tell me you would do anything for me… and mama…, you have always been there whenever I needed, and… I need you both now”

They both hugged her tight. “We will always be there with you no matter what”. And they meant it, every single word of it.

They could feel her heart go heavy and she hugged them even tight and repeated the same statement over again
“I want to follow my dreams”
“I want to follow my dreams”
“I want to follow my dreams”…………

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  1. And…I would say every parents should stick to what they say to their kids…because sometimes in fun way when parents say the kids they do take things seriously – so no jokes and don’t ever think it’s kids and it’s okay to say one thing and agree on another 🙂
    Nice post for our daughter and for all the daughters. I am also a daughter and feel proud that my parents always supported me in what I want to do 🙂
    Keep up the good work…

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