The First Timer – 365 Flash Fiction #22

It was his first day at the new job, he was bought up in a home that had prayer as part of life just like supper and breakfast. So when he moved to the states on a short term work he had carried with him almost a dozen idols and pictures of Gods and Goddesses that he has seen his mom and Granny had with them.
He had lined them up in a shelf within the company given apartment that also included people who had recently moved in from India. He had been prepped up well by many people, the HR first on how to talk, walk, what to do and not to do. The Tech folks quizzing him on main trouble shooting techniques and finally a senior consultant who works in the same client giving him an over view of their systems, people and some insights into information only to people who would have been working their for a long time.

He was all set according to his company and his manager. Just go there and gel in; no worries!. But his case was different, he always believed that there was someone above him who called the shots and hist job was to take part in the puppet show as another one of the forced actors. He prayed again; wore his tie that he had got his friend to tie and give and took on his coat which was slightly large for his frail body. Nevertheless he had his body covered in professionalism after all.

Since he did not have a license or a car and the client was in San Francisco, he had to take the Bart. His company apartment was just a block away and he walked in time to catch the 8:00 AM Daly City train. He was quite amazed to see the amount of Indians in the station; “Are these all first timers?” he wondered. He made all efforts to not seem like one, which hope worked.

When the Train came he was happy to get a seat close to the door in front of the station map so he does not get down in the wrong place and doom in the first day. He took his mp3 and selected a bhajan. He looked at the guy next to him, Indian again, with some book and seemed like he has not studied while in school and was trying to catch up. He slowly immersed in the bhajan and closed his eyes.

He opened his eyes to see that that guy next seat was gone and there was another guy who was clicking on his cell phone as if he was typing a novel. He looked at the station map and asked, are we in montgomery yet? The guy lifted his eyes and fingers from the cell phone and said. “You will be in Daly city in a minute, get down their and go back; cheers!” he smiled and started troubling his poor phone again.

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