Lost on the way Home – 365 Flash Fiction #23

He got down from the train. Usually he has his car parked in the parking lot, and he would automatically get his way home. But today he had got dropped at the station and so instead of driving back he decided to walk back. It was a 2 mile walk and he thought it would be good for health.

Winter time and the sun worked part time and he was depended on the street lights to find his way home. A few minutes into the stroll he started experiencing a different feeling. It was the same route he has driven a thousand times, but today he could feel the nature. The smell of plants, flowers, the mud, concrete from the construction site. How much he was away from nature in the closed air conditioned car.

The feeling of walking brought him memories of the past. It has been over ten years since he walked to reach somewhere. There was always a conveyance be it him or someone else driving. His legs and the whole mass above it had grown heavier during the last decade. He took deep breaths and realized that the smell is much the same that he felt years ago when he use to walk at his home town.

He listened to the sounds and he could hear a train in the distance, much similar to the passenger train running back home. He looked ahead and saw the traffic lights in distance, he was in the right track. He painfully read the road sign in the dark, “Never heard of this street” he thought. But he was sure he was in the right track. He walked some more minutes towards the traffic light and stopped. He looked back, it was dark and he suddenly felt that he had passed the turn he had to take. He walked back.

He came to the same street board that he had read; He read it again “No idea which is this place” He was lost. It was a 5 minutes drive every day and today on his foot he has lost his way back home. Luckily for technology he had his cell handy and called home and asked if this was the right route. His wife said he is on the right track and he just had to walk a few more blocks in the same direction and he would reach his turn to his home. He was in the right route, but the existence of an unknown street in between had made him feel he was in a totally different place.

He continued walking and saw the turn he takes daily and reached home safe. As he sat down that evening he wondered how unsure he was of everything around, how incomplete was his knowledge of his surrounding. 5 minutes away from home he could get lost, the world has not become small, it has in fact become bigger for him or he has lost his ability to live without depending on the conveniences man had made

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