Pitobash Tripathy deserves a Nomination for his role in Million Dollar Arm

Pitobash+Tripathy+Million+Dollar+ArmWatched Million Dollar Arm yesterday…. The movie is a beautiful 2 hour ride.. inspirational… .. even my seven year old had a good amount of laughs…. What struck me most is the performance of Pitobash Tripathy… who reminded me of Danny Devito…. small but filling and towering on the screen… he is the Danny Devito of hindi cinema 🙂

I would not be surprised if he gets a nomination for best supporting actor…. he deserves it…. well there are other movies, and other wonderful performances in a year, many yet to come, but even if he does not get it, it would not be wrong to say that he deserves one for his performance in the million dollar arm

I noticed Pitobash first in the 2011 hindi movie Shor in the City where he did some very well timed comedy….. he belongs to the same raw talent league of Irrfaan, Nawazuddin, Kay Kay menon and so on….. And he has the Million Dolalr Arm Pitobash Tripathypotential….

The reason I am writing this blog is because when we do a search of the movie on Google I expected to see his name pop up.. but no… Not in wiki, not in many places….. Yes in IMDB he is ranked next to the main character…. Which makes sense because the role of Amit is the central role of the movie….. and he has given the best performance…

Pitobash you will go a long way in your career and wishing you all the best……

That being said I am not belittling the effort of other actors…. everyone did great Jon Hamm, Suraj Sharma, Madhur Mittal..  Alan Arkin and Bill Paxton did their part beautifully… All over it was a great movie….. but if I have to remember the movie later…. it will be as a Pitobash movie…..

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