He is Our Man – 365 Flash Fiction #27

He looked at all the people around him and asked
“so what are you all around me for, have you never seen a naked guy”
He tried to cover his nakedness but stopped as he had hurt his hand really bad from the fall.
He looked at the people gathered around him and asked again
“Have you never seen a guy drunk?” his tongue was not in his control, but the people seemed to follow every word. Some nodded yes, and some nodded no, some just stood there staring.

He somehow managed to get up and as one of the guys tried to help him and elderly guy signed him no. When he was on his legs he looked around.
“Where are my clothes?” He asked
“Where am I?” He looked around again
“Are you guys aliens or something he asked” He asked them
“Do you talk eng…li…sh?” He asked
“I can managed some french too” He smiled feebly

A lady walked to him and looked like the stripper in a club
“So, is this the guy you got us?” She asked the crowd
“He looks similar” said an old guy
“yo! Have you seen him naked?” she snarled
“Nop”I meant the face” the guy moved back
“Can you sing ya?” She looked at him and asked
“I am not in a mood” He said holding his bruised hand
then thinking something he said
“Yeah I do, I like the beatles”
She smiled
“Bring him and clean him up you idiots, the show begins in 2 hours”
He walked back and on the way threw her ring backwards
“Yo! don’t be naked, and you idiots go call the damn press!”

Written for Flash Fiction Friday Cycle 33 – Conspiracy Theory “Paul is Dead”