The revenge of the flowers – 365 Flash Fiction #28

He looked at the fallen petal and then at the flower, He was not sure if the flower felt sad. He plucked one more petal and then looked at it again. This time he felt that the flower moved a bit. He came closer to it and blew on it; the flower swung back just once and looked back straight into his eyes. He plucked one more petal and smiled at the flower. Did he hear the flower cry? He sharpened his ears to catch any sound. There was no sound except for the occasional breeze.

He plucked another petal and then another till the flower had just two petals left on it. He looked at the other flowers on the same stem and then at the one he has been playing with. He felt that the others were afraid and at the same time angry with him. He felt they were also fortunate that he did not choose them. He slowly touched them and mocked them as if he was going to pluck their petals too.

They swung both sides as if they were in fear; a wind suddenly came from nowhere and hurled his cap away from him. He looked back and ran after it. He got hold of it and proudly placed it back on his head and looked at the flowers. He could not see the two petal flower as the other flower swung both sides in the wind and covered it in their splendor. As he watched with his mouth wide open he saw the two petal flower peep out like the only teeth left in an old man’s mouth. They seem to mock at him as his eyes closed and the truck slowly ran over him and flung his cap away again. This time he did not run to get it, for he himself was run over…

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