Looking through the Window – 365 Flash Fiction #30

“So what were you saying?” He asked without taking his eyes off the window.
“That I could prescribe some medication that can reduce the tantrums“ said the Doctor.
He turned and looked at his Doctor “Why? Are you telling me that this is an illness and not the age?’
“Well it could be, Could be the initial seed of developing a split personality” Said the doctor
“He turned to the doctor still his hand on the window “But he is just six years old doctor”
“I know and I was also shocked when I first read it, but researches are strong on those lines” Said the doctor
He turned back to the window and looked outside as the Doctor walked over to him.
“How long have you been in this office?” He asked the Doctor
“Five years… Why?” the Doctor asked
“No, Nothing, I was wondering if you ever noticed that guy standing across the street” He pointed to the window.

The Doctor came near to the window and looked “yes… I have” He said looking at a shabby dressed man of fifty standing there and talking something alone.
“Do you know what he is saying” He asked
“No, I might have heard but don’t remember” said the Doctor.
“He is playing a part in the play King Lear” He said
The Doctor looked at him and now he could see the man lifting his hands and walking around he looked as if he was in a play.
“Do you think he is insane Doctor” He asked
The Doctor smiled “Well, I cannot judge without really talking to him and it would not be right of me to pass a comment looking at someone out from the window”

He turned to the Doctor and said “But isn’t that what you normally do? You stand outside every patient of yours and make judgments about what happens inside them.”

He moved away from the window and continued looking straight at the doctor “How deep can you really see and how deep do you really see? Have you ever thought that when you treat your patients in effect you are just standing by the window and making a statement based on some deductions you feel is right”

The Doctor looked at him as he smiled and walked out of the door.
He walked towards the boy and said “Let’s go son, we have some great things to do in life”

The Doctor turned to the window and looked outside repeating in his mind over and over what he just heard “Looking through a window.. Looking through a window….”
Now through the window he looked and across the road the man was still active raising and lowering his hands and shouting something he could not hear. He also saw from distance a man walking over holding his kid. The doctor knew who they were and watched them as they walked towards the king Lear actor.

They spoke for some time and then both of them joined the man in his imaginary play. The doctor was not sure what roles each one played or what they were saying, but from distance, through the window he was able to see that they were happy and were enjoying life.

Submitted for the Flash Fiction Friday Cycle 38 theme