When Your Kid Asks a question…

son asksToday my son asked me
“How do you make a bubble with a bubble gum?”
I was thinking about something else and just said
“I don’t know”.
He looked at me and said in disbelief
“What..? you are my dad and you say you don’t know?…. that is so mean” then he paused for a moment and said
“And you are so big?”
I looked at him and then took some time and explained how to do it and even showed him by making a bubble and he said approvingly

Kids do not like to think that their dad is ignorant about something….. they expect their dad to know everything… But as a Dad it is ok to not know as long as you are ready to learn along with your kid… what is not ok is what I did. not paying enough attention and using ignorance as an excuse…

Nothing much… I just wanted to let you all know about something that I feel I did not do right…. It is important to write about things you did not do well…. and here is one…

So it is important to pay attention to what our kid says because we are his hero…. if we do not rise up to the expectation, he or she will be lost and then we too will be lost…..

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