Shadow Mate – 365 Flash Fiction #32

He looked at her as she moved on to the building wall and bent into the alley. He was positive that he would get another chance to fall on her sometime that noon itself before he vanished for the day. He was forced to take an opposite route which according to him would probably take him ahead of her at the next cross street, but he had to wait and see. He moved faster than he expected disappearing and reappearing at every building turn

But when he reached the next cross street he found that she was much quicker than him and now fell next to the tallest building on the street partially lost to it. He moved closer to her even though it meant losing part of him as well. He was so close that he thought he touched her. Struggling to fully form he kept his hopes high till he saw her climb to the side of a bus and get lost.

He was also forced to join her but the rush in the bus was too much and he was left partly out and got projected flatly onto the street. The frequent stops and turns of the bus made him run all over the side of the bus and he fell on everything on the street from rocks to other vehicles to street vendors. After a while he could see her come out of the front door of the bus and lie flat on the sidewalk.

He too slipped out, shaped up himself to full form and slowly moved towards her. He ran his hand over his head and made sure he looks presentable. He moved towards her and their hands met and then their heads connected and finally they became one large entity flat on the ground. He was right, he got a chance to fall completely on her, or did she fall on him. It does not matter anymore as he will enjoy every moment of this till they slowly vanish with the fading sunlight and deep into the dark night

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