Fish Tank -365 Flash Fiction #36

His son walked to the fish tank and pointed to a rather cute looking fish and shouted with excitement, “There is one”. He walked up to his son and touched his head and joined his excitement. As they spend time exploring the colors of life inside the water a girl of the same age walks up and starts a conversation with his son. He steps back so the kids same age could converse.

The girl’s dad also joins them in a few minutes and all enjoy both the kids naming the fish and telling stories to each other. In a corner in the same room a guy was busy typing his life on the laptop, must be a software engineer who always carries his office with him. He had a lady and kid with him probably his wife and kid. The kid can be seen pestering the dad to join the fish tank group, but the guy is busy clicking hard at his own demons

The wife notices and joins the kid in his pestering effort till the guy is fed up and gets up. He keeps the laptop in the next chair and takes the kid and walks to the fish tank and points to the fish and in an irritant way says “Happy?” and comes back to his laptop.

The rest of the fish tank team instantly become silent and watch the reaction of the kid and glance at the guy who is least interested in what happens around. The mom now partly embarrassed walks up the tank picks the kid and walks out of the room. The guy still hammering on the keyboard unnoticed continues his fight with the laptop.

As it gets late everyone leave the room and the guy is left alone and finally he takes his head from the laptop. In the dim light the fishes in the tank were glowing. He got up and came closer and tapped on the glass. He spend time watching the fish swim and through their color brighten up the room. He smiled and turn back to where he sat. His son stood there and asked him innocently “Happy?”