I am an Indian and I do not follow Cricket – My thoughts on Sachin-Sharapova Controversy

SachinFor the records I stopped watching cricket after 1989 which makes me an Indian who has not really watched Sachin play…. My priorities changed and Cricket was not something I wanted to spend time on then; not now either; I have no regrets not following the game of cricket and I don’t think I have lost anything in life not being glued to the TV during that time…. I watched movies during the same time which I love more. But that’s me. And that does not make me any less Indian.

People have the freedom to know what they want to and watch what they want to….. … I know who Sachin is that is because I am an Indian but in the current Indian team I know only one player Kohli; I can search his first name on google but I wont because I cant get it on the top of my head. And I am sure I don’t know the name of any cricketer in any other country unless they played before 1989. The fact is simple you know players only if you follow the game… and I don’t… its my life, my interests…..

NMaria_Sharapovaow with Sharapova;  How can people be so Stupid and infuckolerant to blame her for not knowing Sachin….. do the guys who are so furious about this know every other Russian sports person. This only shows that some people have all the time in the world… lying flat on the ground for some shit to fall so they can complain…..

Sometime back someone told me ‘little master’ and I thought he was referring to Gavaskar; and when I said that he ridiculed me like anything and then I asked him back who Eknath Solkar was and he gave me a blank look… He probably thought I was referring to a family member of Sarvarkar (not sure if he knew sarvarkar either); And for the records this friend of mine is an ardent Sachin follower… So not knowing someone is not a crime; it is an individual right.
So for Morons who have a problem sharapova’s ignorance about Sachin; learn to be better people, Sachin will take care of himself…

Cricket is a great game just like every other game and I know the times when I followed the game; it can be an extension of our lives just like any other sports or passion. But no sports or passion should make us little people unable to think big and better; and as an Indian and once a cricket fan I apologize to Sharapovafor all those bad comments people put on her FB page….

Maria, you are ok not knowing Sachin and I am an Indian….

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