Mumbai Moves where the world stands still – The Spirit of Mumbai in less than 3 minutes

MumbaiThis short video taken by Nitin Das, Amrita Singh and Avinash Baghel opens possibilities for many. Using a Nokia Lumia HD Camera they have shot and compiled a message, a philosophy, a life style so vibrant that the world will stand still and watch. True, I have always felt this way

Mumbai Moves where the world stands still

Give your appreciation and likes to the trio for making this movie and watch it, like it,  share it and try making similar movies from where you live… Let the world know how cool your town is… fall in love with it and let people see that love…

I am not from Mumbai…. not been there many times, but I love Mumbai, the spirit of Mumbai…. Kudos to you Nitin, Amrita and Avinash

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  1. Too good. Me, too, is in the fan list of this non-stop City. Here is what I can recall

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