Worlds Beyond Words – 365 Flash Fiction #42

“It does not matter that you have to travel a long way; At least we are coming to end of this journey” He looked at her as she held on tightly to his hands.

“You know that you don’t belong here, Don’t you?” He asked her and she nodded without looking at him. Her mind was still set on the street which has been her home and world for all the time she has known. He had often told her that she had a home like any other kid. That she too wore new clothes and celebrated the festivals. He had told her that there was no one to blame for what happened and that she has to be happy that she is still alive.

But then this is all she knows, the street, the garbage can and the traffic lights. She did not know of anything other than this and now she has to leave it all. How much ever she hated the shop verandah they slept on, that was all she had. She had a sense of safety that probably many kids who live in the big bungalows don’t have. She did not have any toys to loose or clean clothes that she should worry getting dirty. Yes there was hunger, but he made sure that it was never for long.

Now all this will change and he says it will be for the better and she trusts everything he says. He is all she has and he has told her that it is the same with him. Many people have asked them if they are siblings for he use to carry her along everywhere he went till she was able to walk on her own. People have seen him feed her from whatever he got.

She was not sure if he was her brother, she has never asked, and he has never told and as far as she is concerned it does not matter. In the world she lives they do not have to name a relationship to be there for each other. Will that also change if they move? She was truly worried.

They walked towards the building and sat on the bench outside for their name to be called. She did not know what her name was, he had given her one and she liked it.

“Soraya….” Came a call from inside and they both got up and walked into the room. She looked at the large table at the center of the hall with three people sitting with big smiles. She held his hand tightly and he assured her that all was ok and they walked towards the table.

“So you want to join us” Asked one of the ladies who sat at the left most end. She nodded yes and he smiled at her. She was not sure why she agreed, but she was happy to see him happy.

“Will you study well and make your brother proud?” Asked the lady sitting in the middle

“Yes” She said and held his hand tightly.

“Good” Said the lady on the right as she stood up and walked to them. The lady stood next to them and then looking at him she said. “You are making the right choice and we are sure that she will thank you when she grows up”

He turned back and walked towards the door. She did not know if he was crying, she did not know if she would see him again. He slowed when he reached the end of the room and turned back. He looked at her and slowly waved his hand then turned and walked away. Their worlds were going to move in different directions, but she has heard somewhere that the earth was round and so she hoped she would meet him somewhere in her life.

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  1. What an interesting and beautifully written story. I’d love to read more of your work. Thank so much for taking the time to enter the challenge. xx

  2. Hi Vinod, I am trying to contact you about using this story in a collection. Please message me on Facebook (I have made a friend request) or contact me using the Contact Form on my blog:


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