A Hotel Without a Holy Book

no holy bookYesterday I checked into a hotel room in New York as part of my journey and could not find a bible in the drawer; There was a bible in all rooms I checked in till now, so I took this picture and posted on Facebook. Many friends replied

Some said there is a hidden Drawer, some one said I don’t have the eyes to see it, and another person raised the fact that there might be a satanic bible just for me 🙂 anyway thanks my friends, love you all  for the candid comments… There was also one question asked to me “What do I not believe in?” The answer demands a blog post… and here it is…

I don’t think religion is necessary for man to be good; And I think man created God and not other way around; But man also created harry potter, superman, spider man and batman; so I have no issue considering God as another comic/story character with fan fictions written in his/her glory….

Because I simply don’t believe there is someone who plans and architects every move of ours and who controls what is happening on earth, I also do not believe in human gods who dupe people claiming divinity with cheap magic tricks seen in circus, rather I think human gods should be arrested….

I do not believe that people become good because of being lured with the possibility of heaven; in fact we have actually seen otherwise, people become so bad thinking they will go to heaven;

I do not believe that people stop being bad because they fear hell… It is much more than Heaven/Hell what makes people act the way they act… but yes religion has the power to make someone really really bad, a fanatic and an intolerant person, someone who becomes intolerant of any different thought; that I think is bad….

Also I do not believe religion should be marketed; just like marketing soft drinks, condoms or leisure travel or anything… holy books in hotels is a sign marketing a religion, or a way to signify the religion of the hotel/owner….. so when I find a hotel that does not h ave it, I like it, I appreciate it; the visitors can bring in their faith into the room, the room does not have to perspire the owners faith…

Also FYI I am not offended when I see a holy book in a room, because I know I can avoid it…. I am not being forced to read it… also I feel people are offended when I tell that I am happy not seeing one, I think that is the primary difference between a believer and a non-believer…  For me humans come before his/her god; and science comes before religion

Finally I would like to say that there are people who feel religion is good, and faith helps them in finding peace… I don’t think there is anything wrong in it, but it is tough to know the limits and limits vary for each individual and before you know you will be stepping on each other’s toes… As much as I like to say that Faith is a very personal affair, it is not any more and that is fact…. people are public and vocal about their belief systems and it is only increasing….  the moment you ask people to stop thinking logically there is a serious issue…. it is nothing different than jumping from the 20th floor and hoping super man will come flying and take you to safety…..

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