Her life – 365 Flash Fiction #47

In a page was written her life… in very small tiny letters…. as time went by someone tore it off from the book and made a paper airplane.. they flew it in air and abandoned it… Some others picked it up… they did not like airplanes, so they made a paper boat with it and sailed it in a puddle… it rained and they left it and ran…. Drenched and dried again next day, a good samaritan picked it and threw it in a garbage… She thought that was the end… but it was not…

A hungry cat searching food put it back on the street… And the wind that came by took it with it on a long never ending journey….. till one day it landed in some unknown hand in an unknown land…. he took it and finally read what was in it…. it was once again drenched, but this time in the tears from his eyes…. he folded it and kept it in his pocket, very close to his heart…. he still has it

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