Fortune Cookie – 365 Flash Fiction #48

It all started with the fortune cookies…. well that is not really true…. because before we read what was in it, before we got those fortunes out of the cookies, even before the waiter put them on our table… we had been in disagreement… so you cannot blame it completely on the cookies…. but then if the fortune cookies were not served we might have ended the conversation there…. but for the fortune cookies… but for the waiter who served it to us….it all changed….

I don’t get it… the fortune cookies are absent in china… but you have it in most Chinese restaurants in the united states… I never knew why.. I still don’t know why…. though I have some hypothesis.. kind of a conspiracy theory…. but I will hold off on that for another time…

Now when I think maybe if we had both chosen the other person’s fortune cookie…. or maybe if we had taken it and then decided to exchange them… things might have been different… Well we would never know… some things don’t have explanations….

But you know that is how life is in most occasions…. we will always be cursed by the thoughts of the possibilities of an unknown alternative…. it is not about the cookies, but it is about a choice that you have but makes no difference to you…. a choice that is more a chance than a choice…. fortune cookies are like that… a chance dressed up as a choice… we pick one… any one…. and that is sealed… if we take the other…. what happens.. we never know….

So as I said it all started with the fortune cookies…. well that is not true… but still I wonder if things would have been different if I had got the fortune cookie that he got…. He did not share it with me… so I can never know… but I wonder… what if I had taken his cookie instead of mine….

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