The greatest story never told – 365 Flash Fiction #49

First there was nothing; then there was a man…. he met with a big accident and broke his ribs… science was amazing those days…. they took his broken ribs and created a woman… and man lost his beauty…. he lost it to the woman

Then there was a tree and on the tree was a fruit… and then came a serpent… the serpent said “eat or die”… man said “no”… and woman called him “loser” and that made man very furious for the first time…

Then woman said “where there is a will there is a way” man plucked the fruit and gave it to the woman she said she wants fruit juice…. man created a juicer and made the first juice ever; woman drank the juice…. and man drank the left over; both experienced shame for the first time; woman experienced more shame than man and started the fashion industry man stood watching shamelessly

Woman then blamed the serpent for his shamelessness and said they should avoid competition man listened to the woman and killed the serpent… they left their hometown and traveled abroad man and woman made children; their children made more children and they made even more children and more children… and more….

Everyone drank more fruit juice; with apples and oranges and peaches and more…. They also barbecued baby ribs for every party…

The serpent was born again;  man and woman ridiculed it by calling it a snake it was furious and it became venomous… it joined a dating site and found its mate the snakes also made children and their children made more children and more…. snakes and man and woman became enemies for life

Then when man and woman were sleeping the snakes came and ate from their fruit trees…. man and woman was furious they started an organic farm and to compete them snakes decided to learn yoga and be spiritual….. snakes said spirituality made more business than organic farming… The world is waiting to see the results…

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