Doordarshan Live Telecast of RSS Chief Bhagwat’s speech is a sign of the propaganda vehicle in action

mohan bhagwatThere is a kind of sword that has spikes on the edges so when you pierce it into the body you have to leave it there because you cannot pull it back without the organs spitting out….. one such sword has pierced the Secular Indian fabric today with India’s National TV Doordarshan telecasting the RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat’s speech as if it is the most important thing in India… It is said his speech even over shadowed the PM Modi’s face time…

Doordasrhan needs to explain to the Indian people what is the national relevance of RSS chief’s speech that it had to devote so much to it as a live telecast….. ?

For all those people who have been commenting on my blog posts on how pessimistic and cynical I am when it comes to the Modi hype and the religious undertone of many of the activities….. Hope they all had a great time tuning into the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s live on Doordarshan the national broadcasting company of India, our secular nation…..

We all know that Modi is an RSS guy, and I don’t think that it will change, and anyone expected it… but he is now the Prime Minister with so much power at his disposal and a soft corner to RSS his mother organization….

The National broadcasting system being used for a sectional Propaganda is a first step and people should voice out to ensure that a second step is never taken…. RSS is a right winged Hindu Nationalist group with a clear Hindu nationalist agenda that will hinder the secular nature of our country….. Bringing up the words like’ pseudo-secular’ to people who support minority and secularity in the country does not keep facts under wrap…… the RSS strong hold on the Government has now been made so obvious that Non-RSS Modi supporters should think what they are getting into and defending…

Here are a few things everyone should open their eyes to…..

  1. It is not a secret that the average RSS guy sees another RSS guy on the Top seat of India when the rest of the country is trying to see their Prime minister
  2. There are many people who say “I do not support a Hindu Nation because I am secular” But they also silently agrees that “If it becomes a Hindu Nation at least I am a Hindu so why should I fight it”… well my friend that does not make you secular, you are just a Hindu who will only selectively oppose what is wrong… a big threat…..
  3. RSS is an organization that was banned three times in the history of post independent India… Once in 1948 when Naturam Ghodse a former RSS guy had assassinated the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi, next during emergency (accepted that it was not just RSS but many other factions against Indira were banned this time) and then again in 1992 after the Babri masjid demolition
  4. When people refer RSS ideology to that of ‘an Indian model fascism’ many have objected that it is a planned effort to fight an Indian patriotic movement…. But patriotism by itself is subject to redefinition when fascism lifts its ugly head……
  5. You search history, the volunteers of every fascist organization did love their country and was in the 4th quadrant of unreasonable patriotism when war and human rights violations happened….

This live telecast by dooradarshan of RSS chief is a step that if not opposed will make India go limping…….

I know my pro-Hindu nationalist friends will have their reasoning….. but my post is towards the non-RSS Modi supporting patriotic Indians… I say that because RSS believes that only they are patriotic, and that is the first sign to fascism…..

Jai Hind

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