The question is which Nobel Peace Prize Winner have ‘Internet Indians’ heard more about? and Why?

Nobel Peace Prize winners Malala Yousafzai and Kailash SatyarthiFirst Congratulations to both Malala and Satyarthi, the winners of Nobel Peace prize…  I think it might not be an overstatement if we say that more Indians (at least internet Indians) knew about Malala than about Satyarthi….. But it is definitely true if I say the world knows Malala much more that Satyarthi…. and I am not saying that in a bad way but just to throw light on two points which we should be aware of…..

First many of us are only connected with what is trending… It does not mean that what is trending is unimportant; just that there are stuffs beyond what is trending that is important… May be it is because within the time available for us most of us attend to what is immediately in front of our eyes and ears. We do not go in search of things but consume what is pushed at us… This is probably an adverse effect of social media and online feeds….

Secondly (and I am equally at fault when I say this) we should go in search of what we are concerned about and not just respond when a trend or news on that area surfaces in our horizon…. So the question is are we accepting the world around us based on what is pushed to us or are we going ahead trying to understand it more…. I think at least I have been consuming what is pushed to my side rather than going out and trying to understand and that needs to change….

That being said I feel good on the decision because in earlier years I have at times felt that the peace prize is given to some for reasons other than the contribution made to peace…. And made me think, on what basis? And I even questioned the relevance of Nobel Peace Prize those years…. But I guess education and children are two areas where there should be a Nobel prize just for that because these are two things that will shape our world ahead

My congratulations to both Satyarthi and Malala on their efforts….. they had achieved greatness much before the awarding of Nobel Prize….. their efforts directly impact not just the present but also the future of our world…. And we live in a world where both Sathyarthi and Malala have had attacks on them for what they stand…..

I also went ahead and scanned the net on Satyarthi and found that there is so much little coverage on the web, so much little views to some a very powerful video the “Anthem Against Child Labour” as I write this, it has just 1700 views…very less….. watch it and be inspired

Anthem Against Child Labour

Sharing with you all the ‘Anthem Against Child Labour penned by Sathyarthi…. And here are Satyarthi’s own words

Anthem Against Child Labour is not merely a song, but the musical spark to liberate shackled innocence and robbed off childhood. It is the loudest chorus to unite all voices, minds and souls for emancipation from child slavery. My feelings and emotions along with the children’s quest for freedom have been brought alive by noted singer Jassi’s magical voice and reverberating music – Kailash Satyarthi

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