Is there something called ‘the Meaning to Life’?

One of the interesting reasonz people give for the existence of religion is that it gives ‘meaning to life’ for many… I would agree that for many something outside religion can appear totally meaningless… and that is because they have not really tried to look outside religion… the possibility of life without religion, without God has not been explored, that is all…. the possibilities are just immense…..

Honestly, Is there something such as ‘a meaning to life’ that people need to find… may be there are not just one but many meanings to life, As intelligent human beings we can all create our own meaning to life…. the question ‘why are we here’ is not a very relevant one….. though it might sound as if it encompasses everything the human existence should aspire for… what is important is the question “what are we going to do while we are here?”

Think about it, If your hand is covered with the blood of innocents; or if your life’s mission has been in making people believe that they should depend on a superhuman existence you yourself have not been able to prove; what ever meaning you give to it, does it really matter… you are selling what you cannot prove for yourself and yet you have to do so with so much conviction that your own existence becomes an unanswered silly petty question…..

The point is simple, you create the meaning to your life, and that meaning might have violence, hate, dishonestly and narrow-mindedness or it can have peace, love, honesty and openness.the choice lies within you…. There is no other meaning you need to look for, No superhuman bully watching over you whom you have to appease… your path is not the only right path… and there are people who just make money selling ‘meaning to life’… don’t buy it…… be free… don’t buy it…..

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