How to respond to your faceless and spineless critics

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.00.24 PMSo there is this one person who is so pissed off with me. I am assuming he is angry because of my posts, I would not want to guess his religious faction (but you can guess from the tweet), except that he is not a Muslim…. apparently he stays anonymous in twitter…. anyway the person is a Malayali which I know from one of his tweet to me in malayalam…. Though hee was born in the twitterbed in 2013, he revived himself a few days back just to keep tweeting to me….

His twitter handle is com_nambudiri and which is a handle only people who know me personally from college (REC) times might use… He probably went to college with me, or worked with me or is one of my relative or a friend from my town or state who is quite annoyed with me, for my liberal opinions (sorry pseudo-liberal in his words) . There is a high chance the person is in my FB friend list as well… and hence using twitter for anonymity 🙂 I also suspect that he is not showing his true identity because he might be quite close to me or at least he thinks so…. I would not deny that because I have a lot of very close friends who completely disagree with me on many topics…

I was thinking whether I should respond to him, and had decided no because I did not want to ruin his orgasmic pleasure of tweeting to me in his anonymity…. but then I thought he might just be expecting a reply… one for the go to add to his pleasure and just to let him know that I am not well trained on ejaculating on anonymous faces and so will not respond to his tweets….

So my friend…. please feel free to ridicule me in words hiding in your anonymity or if you grow a spine anytime do ping me in person and we can always have a tea and a conversation..

I thought for the effort you have done to start an account and tweet to me I should present you a blog post and the time spend on writing this…..


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