Should you block or report a user who annoys you

Two days back I told about this anonymous twitter follower of mine who has started his tweet project to send annoying tweets mostly in response to my tweets. I mentioned that on a funny note earlier, but lately it is getting less funny and more irritating.

I use social media to raise an opinion and share a thought so it can be debated among people I know (both for and against) this helps me understand my position better and change if I need. For me social media is a conversation and I do not spit while I talk. And I am quite serious about how I use this media, I do not fool around because I think using it well will help us be better people.

But I know people also use social media for character assassination. In my opinion those who use social media for individual harassment be it by taking names or otherwise are equipped with a degenerate behavior that needs help. And when you see people who you think you know are turning anonymous and doing it, you question yourself as to where you faulted a relationship.

We live in a world where we definitely do not need to agree with each other. The fact is we cannot agree with everyone. If we all agree with each other then there are some people who are not capable of thinking. Thinking makes us disagree, because to agree with someone you do not always need to think.

Now I know his tweets might be generated by some unhealed wound from his past which makes him look at people of one religion in a bad light. But my wall is not where he cleans his laundry. I am a very liberal person and often do not think of blocking anyone. I think people should have a right to express, but they should do so in public and not hiding as anonymous web surfers. And I as an individual am very serious about who enters my life and I feel that if someone badmouths remaining anonymous it is bad, it is demented, psychotic and in my opinion should be addressed.

I am sharing my thoughts as I known many of you might also have had this question… and we all have our reasons on why we do it

I thought a lot about blocking and ‘blocking vs reporting’. I am not yet doing it… but when I do I will not just block, I will report and I will take it to the limits of it because I feel this person is turning to be annoying hate speech factory.

So to him I say……
I do not know who you are, but I know that you know me personally, so please take this as my request. Please stop and don’t put your fundamentalist posters on my front yard… period…..

If not since our paths have crossed before in life and we might know each other it is easy to find who you are, My math skills are pretty good and I am quite confident in my ability to add two numbers and get the right answer. I will be able to find your identity and report…..

Be polite and considerate to people around you, no one wins through hate….. read my daily haikus on love and go love others….

With Love

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