A question to a Human being. How Human were you today?

Hi Human Being,

How human were you today? Were you able to breathe in and breathe out well? Is that what it means to be human every day? Then I think I was human today. If it is more than that then I guess I was not human. I was practically a nothing today…. I guess….

Today I read the Pope say that killing in the name of religion is bad, but freedom of expression should not provoke or belittle other people’s religions. Hope the ignore word was more popular in religions.

Another thing I heard was that the French comedian Dieudonné was arrested for a Facebook post because they claim his post glorified terrorism and was anti-Semitic. Hmm.…. So there are some humor that can be termed bad taste… Another religious leader Dalai lama a few days ago claimed he is a Marxist. I am not sure what his problem was.

Meanwhile if you do not know there is this Saudi blogger Raif Badawi who opened a discussion about religion and was arrested by the state sponsored intolerance program in Saudi in 2012. He is being publicly flogged 50 times each week over 20 weeks as they claim he insulted Islam and FYI he will be flogged 50 times this Friday as well.

Netyanhu the Israeli PM seems to have asked the world to condemn Turkish President’s remarks on Israel’s participation in Paris’s anti-terrorism rally. They should get into a room, spit on each other’s face and finish it and not pull the world into it…He should concentrate in stopping innocent people dying on either side of the divide.

And you know what..? While all this happened the world conveniently forgot about the 2000 lives massacred by Boko Haram. Mostly children, women, elderly all mercilessly killed, even pregnant women were not spared. The Nigerian government has dismissed that the death toll is 2000 and they say it is around 150. May be that is why the president Goodluck Jonathan has been busy attending weddings and parties and uploading the pictures on Facebook…. What an imbecile….. don’t you agree…?

Well I do not think I was human today… because being human is not breathing in and breathing out… it is something more than that. So dear human being, who ever you are,  you need to ask yourself that question how humane were you today?

Anyway take care… I too sometimes really feel I am just hiding behind what the words I write…. But then the Hindu fundamentalists in India have shown their might of majority and made a writer quit writing. If you can write you should write


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