Hindi Movie ‘BABY’ does not repeat Neeraj’s magic in ‘Wednesday’ or ‘Special 26’

BabyNeeraj Pandey is an excellent story teller and he makes his movies to get the viewer well glued in. So when BABY was released we had to go. Akshay has been doing a lot of forgettable stuff recently and I had decided I am not going to waste time and energy on Akshay Flicks again. But it was Neeraj that got me into the theatre.

First of all Wednesday was a magic you can watch it over and over but the same movie was a torture in other languages, I have seen the Tamil version and did not like it. The English version of Wednesday had Ben Kingsley in it and that is the worst movie I have watched in my life. I managed to watch it for 15 minutes and escaped with bruises in my soul and wrote a review A Common Man – Remake of Hindi Thriller “A Wednesday” – ATROCIOUS – UNWATCHABLE. This told me that any story can be made to agonize the viewer.

That being said a usual story can also be done in a good way, OK would be the right way than good. The story of ‘BABY’ is nothing new though the name of movie is weird. A Secret special ops group that no one knows about, terrorists threatening the country with serial blasts and after a long 2.5 hours in four different countries in the end good triumphs over evil. You can make such a story line in a very unwatchable way and what is good about ‘BABY’ is it is not unwatchable. It was entertaining to me and I did not feel my money was wasted. Though I felt it was bit too long, which I now a days feel with every Indian movie.

In my opinion Akshay does justice in these roles instead of roles like Khiladi and Boss…. As for the lady love of the hero (who ever she is) tries hard to act and that way makes her presence felt, sorry leaves a stain in the viewer’s mind. Like Special 26 Neeraj has managed to draw a few humor lines in some scenes which worked well I guess. Akshay as usual is not allowed to laugh throughout the movie and keeps a mush like he needs to leave extra breathing space between the mush and nostrils. That looked fake, and he should stop that make up in coming movies.

I do not consider the movie necessarily a theater watch though the theater was packed yesterday. ‘BABY’ does not repeat Neeraj’s magic of Wednesday or Special 26 but repeats Akshay and Anupam Kher. I liked it… after all that is what matters right?

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