When the Common Man Wins the Delhi Elections

common manWhen I started writing this the question came to me‘who is the common man’ and then the RK Lakshman’s character came to my mind. He is old but today after AAP sweeps the Delhi election I also saw a younger common man standing next to the older one and joining hands they say “After so many years finally we have a victory that can bring us the change”. And then they drive corruption out together.

RK Lakshman showed us the common man for half a century and less than two weeks after his death the common man emerges victorious in the capital.

As a common man who did not have a vote in the Delhi election I use this post to thank the Delhi Voters for bringing the common man’s dreams and aspirations to fruition. I had mentioned a while back that Delhi Voters hold the beacon of the change we all want to see in India. Delhi election was not just about Delhi, it was about India. Thank You Delhi… for starting the change that can spread.

Common man1The highlight of the election result for me was when a Journalist asked Arvind Kejriwal “What is your top priority after winning?” He says “Remove Corruption”. That is the one important agenda which can change the face of the country. When was the last time a leader said that stopping corruption is the main agenda. but it needs support from everyone.

And with BJP, the fact that Delhi was lost, proves that BJP or Modi is not beyond defeat. This election should have been a cake walk for BJP if people really wanted them in Delhi. And BJP should accept this as a verdict from the masses on them and not pull Kiran Bedi to act scapegoat. This will also help BJP as a party to make anti-corruption their agenda as well.

There is a lot of expectations in AAP and now it is not about Delhi alone and I think every Indian (including BJP) can help Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi party in this fight against corruption.

BJP can rise up and put some strict rules to remove corruption from the party and in places they hold power. Even distance themselves from the Hindutva vehicle. And it would not be out of context if BJP feels that this defeat was a response to their illicit relationships with the Hindu nationalist groups. Because Pro BJP workers while hailing Modi has also been consistently shouting the importance of the ‘HINDU’ in BJP. This is not something BJP might change, but it is worth looking into. You need to think if India is a priority or the Hindu Nation is a priority. And don’t muddle things beyond repair.

So today as the common man of India marches victorious on the streets of Delhi we should also invite every BJP and Congress person to join hands in the fight against corruption. Be part of the change that India needs. What we need is not a “congress mukth bharat” but a “Rishwat Mukth Rajneethi”. This is the chance for congress and BJP to acknowledge the common man. So BJP and congress can now join hands with AAP, the former to remain in power and the latter to avoid extinction

Jai Hind

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