How can AAP win? Clearing the political disbelief

aap-660_122113060745All major parties in India roll their eyes in political disbelief because it should not have happened. A very new party with no political legacy, doctrine or specific religious support, how can they win.

When they won election last time most parties attributed that as an accident, a fluke (and BJP blamed congress) but then this party AAP committed a never heard of and unpardonable mistake of stepping down from power in 49 days. Which political party in the sane mind would leave power? They did so because the power they had did not allow them to carry out their promises to the people. Their opponents ridiculed them… Many supporters felt bad…

But now the same voters have elected them back with a whooping majority. How can this happen? Different parties will get different answers when they ask this question to themselves. So I thought I will make it a bit easy for them 🙂

The answer for the Left Parties in India

The left parties in India even though not a very significant force compared to congress and BJP is in total confusion as to how this happened. They believed they were the voice of the common man and now here is a party which is in power as the ‘common man’s party’. How can that happen?

Well… it is simple…. The voice that the left think they have/had is not being well heard. It is not the time of doctrines any more, it is the time of doing what is needed. Just like religions should stop dictating from books and scriptures, the left parties should step outside the doctrines, history and gospels and see what people want. Their long disconnect with the common man’s needs is what they should worry about. They were probably busy finding fault with others than doing their part. In fact their politics itself tricked them.

The answer for the Congress

The problem with congress is that everyone outside congress know their problem except the congress guys. May be they know but they do not want to accept. It is all in the family, they say.

“Ek family poore party ko andha bana deta hein” or “one family can make a whole party blind”. When they had the most shameful defeat in Delhi election, the congress supporters were standing outside their party office and shouting “Priyanka lao, desh bachao” that is such a pathetic downfall

Mahatma Gandhi is the father of the nation but Indira Gandhi was not his daughter and Priyanka is not his great granddaughter. Congress workers should be send to some party funded history classes first. Congress is one party that even after years of independence cannot escape from a “slavery to dynasty” mentality. Congress needs to abandon this family to avoid its extinction

The answer for the BJP

BJP is most surprised because they just won a big majority and is alreadty in the center, more powerful than ever. Even their poster tea boy was out campaigning. But in 7 short months later the cheese is taken away from just under their nose. BJP has a lot of things that worked against them I guess.

Their illicit relationship with the ‘HINDU’ cults in India is a major setback for the party. Their maddening focus to forcibly changing society in the pretext of bringing back traditional values is making them look like a RSS faction than a national party. Their superhuman caricature of their leader is becoming more and more annoying for people inside and outside the party.

Finally their verbal diarrhea and badmouthing its opponents make them look like a party of immature dimwits. BJP losing Delhi is an alarm for them and a wakeup call for the people of India. A call to all that India is more important and a Hindu Nation cry is a hindrance to India. Their calculated propaganda that going against BJP is not only anti-patriotic but also unIndian is also making people move away. India is much bigger than BJP and I think BJP needs to have that humility when it works and connects with the people. Their focus should not be a “congress mukth Bharat” but a “Rishwat Mukth Rajneethi”

So why did AAP win?

Aam Aadmi party did get a fair share of the benefit due to the inability and the incapability of the above parties to connect with the people. But that was not the only reason.

In Aam Aadmi Party the common man, the common voter of India found a hope. A hope that had been lost for a long time. For the common man in India, politics was always an offshoot of a doctrine, a religion or a reflection of inheritance. Aam Aadmi Party showed it can be something beyond that.

Aam Aadmi party enabled people to participate in a change if they agree on an issue, you need not belong to AAP or be an AAP member to support AAP. You just have to figure if you are an Aam Aadmi, or common man.

AAP enabled people to look at politics in an entirely different way, as a service that everyone can involve than a vehicle to mint money through corruption. It also brought into the forefront the agenda of fighting corruption from inside the system. Till then fighting corruption was an activity outside the system and never inside.

The need for a change and the faith in issue based politics was so important to the people that even after AAP stepping down last time, the people voted them in full majority so they can do what they committed. People acknowledged AAP decision of last time, that they should be given the majority power to allow them to carry out what they committed.

Yes now AAP has the power to make a difference and it is a big responsibility and as an AAP supporter I look forward for the change we all want to see.

Jai Hind

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