Punish Nisham – Kerala’s Case on the ‘Value for Human Life’

Yes that is how I want to call this case because Kerala is also my home state in India and this case is about the lack of value for human life. The case is that a millionaire Tobacco businessman who lives in one of the high profile luxury communities in Kerala rammed his Hummer on the guard and beat him with an iron rod because he delayed in opening the gate. Yes you heard it correct, this animal Muhammed Nisham murdered the guard because he delayed in opening the gate . And the 50 year old Guard Chandrabose succumbed to his injuries this Monday.

Muhammed Nisham the criminal businessman who crushed Chandrabose to the wall has since been arrested, but the question is “what next?”. Nisham is a man with money and power and both these things help a lot in getting out of court settlements and reducing and even avoiding punishments. Apparently Nisham is also a serial offender with other cases registered on him. Hence this case should matter to people in Kerala, because for what he has done, Nisham will be capable of doing it again.

Nishams is not new avatars in our society, they existed even before, always violent and inhuman. But there are few things in our society that also create a fertile ground for Nishams to emerge and commit such heinous crimes.

There is a growing number of people who are very rich who wish to live in a city but do not want to be connected with the heartbeat of the city, the real machinery that makes the city run and breathe life. They send their kids to schools where only kids of the rich study, and also look down upon people based on their house, car and money thereby building a superiority complex and a mix of power and contempt.

These Nishams go from one gated community to another for get-togethers in tinted glass vehicles bad mouthing every pedestrian or scooter guy or rickshaw because they think they have a right to it. An effect of the growing mentality that if you do not drive a luxury car you belong to a lower strata of the society.

Nishams also influence politics, media and institutions of all kind, religious, governmental, and so on. This however Nisham is an example of many such Nishams you can call as ‘the lowlifes in the high rise’. I am not generalizing here, but we should accept there are more Nishams among us.

The main help the government and judicial system in the state can do now is to ensure that this Nisham is punished with multiple life imprisonments if possible never to get out in the open ever again and send a clean message to the society.

The Issue here is that Muhammed Nisham showed a total lack of value for another human life, which makes him an ongoing threat to the society and people. It should be looked that if a person like Nisham is out in the public, he will probably murder again.

Tomorrow it might be a restaurant cook or house help who put more salt in a dish by mistake or did not clean the living room to his satisfaction, or the pizza delivery guy who was delayed in delivering the pizza, or a pedestrian who was crossing the road as he was driving his hummer or Ferrari.

Nisham is the example of someone who thinks all human life do not carry the same value as his. Such a person should not be allowed to enter back into the society and that should be the common outcry in Kerala. And people living there can do a great deal to influence this.

The CM of Kerala said he will do everything to work out a compensation for the Victim’s family. Here compensation is not enough Nisham should be punished. Because what about the people Nisham might kill again once he is out in the society. will the CM answer for that. The murder Nisham committed is an act mixed with contempt, money and power which means for people of the city to be safe Nisham should be stripped of both money and power as well. Is there an action of that sort that can be done?

Nisham and Chandrabose both have equal rights as human beings. If Nisham is set free the Government and the Justice system is sending a clear message that we live in a society where the value for Nisham’s life is more than that of Chandrabose’s Life. And that is out right wrong, inhuman and barbaric.

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