By Banning ‘India’s Daughter’ the Govt has just made it a must watch for every Indian

Everyone has a right to not watch the documentary for whatever reason it is. Just watched the documentary and if it is the statement of convict that people say objectionable, they should be more concerned about the statements the Lawyers make

The documentary does go up close on the convicts and also on their family but in no way does it take the crime lightly. It does ask an important question; if inequality (gender and otherwise) existing in a society has a role to play in all this? But I guess some people don’t wish to look in that mirror because they don’t like what they see…. Some people don’t want to change the way they think….

Some people even think a british women made the documentary so it hurts some stupid national pride they have. Let us handle matters inside and not as a thamasha (Joke) in front of the world is what their stand is…. Why are people so touchy on accepting that there might be a bigger problem in hand…. Is it because they think the male dominance and the convict and lawyer’s thought process can also be traced and connected with other accepted thought process and norms in the society?

The documentary is not just about the convicts as many would like you to believe, it talks about the movement that surfaced after the incident. It talks to the parents, the police, officials, doctors and people who protested after the incident. It is a documentary that tries to look at the issue and banning it has just made the society look more stupid. By Banning it they just made it a more important a watch…. Watch it and Judge for yourself if it was supposed to be banned…..

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